Mummy Wrap – Halloween Toilet Paper Games

Supplies: Toilet Paper

Mummy Wrap is a simple and fun game and we have added a few game variations to make it harder and challenging for all ages.

Mummy Wrap Game Prep
1. Rolls of cheap toilet paper, the more sheets in the roll the better. You’ll need 1 or 2 rolls per team.
2. We recommend teams of 3, but you can have 2, 3, or 4.
3. Decide how many teams, while you could have 8 – 10 teams all play at once. It is fun to watch Mummy Wrap. Consider having rounds of Mummy Wrap and then have the winners of each round battle in the finals.

How to Play Mummy Wrap
1. Divide the group into teams and have the teams decide one player on each team to be the mummy and other team members to be the mummy wrappers.
2. The mummy stands with their arms to their side, the mummy wrappers are given a roll (or two if you choose) of toilet paper. When the game host says “Go,” the mummy wrappers begin to wrap the mummy in toilet paper and continue until all the toilet paper has been wrapped around the mummy.
3. The first team to wrap their mummy and run out of toilet paper wins.

Mummy Wrap Variations

Mummy Wrap Relay
1. This Mummy Wrap game involves teams of at least 3 and should be capped at 5. (The toilet paper tend to rip)
2. Divide the group into teams. If you have a lot of party guests, you can divide into four teams and play two semi-final rounds and then a final round.
3. Set a starting line and place a roll of toilet paper there, 10 feet away from the starting line have the Mummy stand with their hands by their side.

Play – (3-4 player example)
4. Select a player to be the Mummy and have them go stand at a marked spot. Each team should have a large enough area so that they will not bump into each other while wrapping the Mummy.
5. When the game host says “Go,” the first player of each team grabs the toilet paper and runs to the Mummy and starts wrapping the toilet paper around them starting at their head. They continue to wrap the toilet paper around the Mummy moving down the body until all the toilet paper has been used.
* If they rip the toilet paper the team suffers a 20 second penalty for each occurrence.
So they need to be careful not to rip it.
6. Once they have wrapped the Mummy, the player returns to the start line and hands the cardboard roll to the next player and they head to the Mummy to unwrap them. This player will use the cardboard toilet paper roll to unwrap the Mummy and once again make sure they don’t rip the toilet paper.
7. When the Mummy has been unwrapped both players can proceed to the start line and the first team to finish wins.
When the Mummy is unwrapped, that player who unwrapped the Mummy, becomes the Mummy and the former Mummy must wrap that player.
8. When the Mummy is wrapped, then the player heads to the start line tags the last player who must now unwrap the Mummy for the last time. They need to move quickly and also need to make sure they don’t rip the toilet paper during the last unwrap.
9. Once the Mummy is unwrapped both players head to the finish line and the first team to complete the task with the fewest penalties for torn toilet paper wins.

Blindfolded Mummy Wrap Game
1. Team consist of two players, the wrapper and the mummy. You can have lots of teams play at once.
2. The person wrapping the Mummy is blindfolded and placed right next to Mummy. Two rolls of toilet paper are placed between the Mummies legs.
3. When the game host starts the game, the wrapper must grab a roll of toilet paper and begin wrapping the Mummy from head to toe. A second roll is there just in case they need it.
4. First team to finish with a fully covered Mummy wins. FYI – There should not be huge gaps in the wrapping.

One Armed Mummy Wrap
1. In this version you need 3 or 4 players per team and we recommend 2 – 4 teams play at a time.
2. Each player on a team is allowed to use one hand to help wrap the mummy and the unused hand goes in their pocket or behind their back.
3. One player is the Mummy and the other team members must work together, using only one hand each, to wrap the Mummy.
4. The first team to wrap the Mummy from head to toe wins!
* If the someone uses both hands you can either give them a penalty of (30 seconds) or disqualify them from the game.

Have playing one or all of these Mummy Wrap games. Some are easy and others like the one armed Mummy Wrap are really hard but good for working together. Adapt these games as needed to help make your Halloween party or activity a success.

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