Halloween Who Am I? Discovery Party Game

Supplies: Names or images of items, paper and pin, imagination
Party Game Ideas offers a printable game and diy options for Who Am I?

Printable Halloween Who Am I?
Party Game Ideas Who / What Am I? is a fun ice-breaker to get kids talking and interacting at the start of your party. Plus you can adapt Who AM I? to play as a stand alone timed event or various ways noted below. Our Halloween Who Am I? contains 27 different game card images that are gear towards kids ages 5 – 10 years old. Most are simple one or two word Halloween items. Just purchase and the PDF file will be emailed to you. You will need Adobe to print the file.

Halloween Games - 3 Pack - Halloween Corners, Memory Match, Who Am I?Halloween Who Am I?
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IT IS NOT PART of The Halloween Party Pack
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Halloween Who Am I?
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DIY Halloween Who Am I? 
We offer several options to play with large and small groups.

General Halloween Who Am I? Game Prep & Play

1. Have Halloween images / pictures that match your age group.
Young kids – Pumpkin, Witch, Vampire, Ghost, etc… (Printable option above)
For Teenagers and Adults: Think of Scary movie titles, horror movie characters, Halloween phrases like pumpkin carving, trick or treat, headless horseman, adjust as needed.
2. Tape image or phrase to the back of their costume.
3. Guests / Players must walk around and ask Yes – No questions about who they are to try to determine who they are.
Example Questions include: Am I an animal? Do I fly?, Do I scare people?, etc..
4. Play until everyone has figured out Who/What Am I?

Halloween Who Am I? Play Options
1. During the Party
a. Ice-Breaker – When a guest arrives a Who Am I? image is placed on their back and they are told that by a certain time (7:30 pm) they must try to determine who they are. Then at the designated time, go around the room and ask guests who they think the are. If they get it right, great and if they get it wrong try to give a few clues so they figure it out.
b. Contest Version – Set it up as game where everyone is tagged at the same time, the host explains the rules, starts the game, and guests must quickly try to figure out Who or What they are. They first person to figure out who or what they are and tell the game host wins a prize. Everyone else continues to play until they all know who they are.

2. Individual 20 Questions Style – For Small Groups
Each Guest pulls a card places it on their forehead and asks yes or no questions about Who or What they Are.
A turn is counted as a Question or a Guess of Who / What They Are. You can keep score or just play.
Score Options – Divide up teams and track questions used to figure out Who They Are, team with fewest total questions asked wins.
Teams – Give each player 6 questions to ask and after the 6th question they must guess “Who They Are.” Correct answers earns a point for their team. Once everyone has gone. Highest team score wins.

3. Clue Style – 8 or less players
Player puts the Who / What Am I card on forehead and team members can give a one or two word clue as to what they are.
Example: Card says Witch. Clues could be broom, flying, cauldron, hat, etc…
The player then responds with their Guess.
Limit the Clues to 3 per turn and score as follows.
Correct Answer on 1st Clue (3 points), 2nd Clue (2 points), 3rd Clue (1 points). Incorrect guesses get no points.
Make sure that each team gets the same amount of plays (2 or 3 turns per player) and at the end game the team with the most points wins.

Halloween Who Am I? is a fun game for kids learning to read and improve social skills but asking questions. We would suggest an adult supervise this game so the kids don’t get confused while playing it. This game does take some concentration so if it is not right for your party guests maybe consider Halloween Corners which is a more random children’s party game.

We hope you enjoy our Halloween Who Am I? game and if you are inspired share it on social media.

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