113 Halloween Charades for Kids

Charades is a fun game for all ages. However at can be a huge challenge for kids, so we made a Halloween Charades for kids to keep it simple and gear the charades to a young audience. Our charades focus on one or two concepts per cards. These Halloween charade cards are perfect for classrooms, after school youth groups, and parties.

Printable Halloween Charades for Kids
Our Halloween Charades for Kids has 113 charade cards and 9 blank cards so you can add your own charades. These Halloween Charades tend to be 1, 2 and 3 word combinations that kids ages 5 – 12 and families can play. Just purchase, follow the emailed link, print, cut out cards and get ready to play charades.

Halloween Charades for Kids
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With Halloween Charades for kids, it is finally expectable to have them act up!

Halloween Charade Ideas

With our blank charade cards it is easy to add your own charade ideas. Often party hosts will want to include a few that relate to the party theme, decorations or any current Halloween trends. This makes your party game more interesting, unique and more fun for everyone.

More Halloween Charades

Printable Halloween Charades for Adults
Our Halloween Charades for Adults includes some of the fun phrases used in our Kid’s charades game but raises the bar by adding in Halloween movies, characters, scary scenarios, and gross items. We include 124 Charade cards that can be used for Charades, Pictionary and a Heads Up style guessing game. This version is entertaining and more challenging, prefect for those teenagers 16 and up and adults.

Halloween Charade Rules and Game Tips

If you have kids that has never played Charades before it is helpful to explain how to play Halloween Charades.

Use these common actions to help your team have a better chance of guessing your charade.
• A Song: Pretend to sing.
• A Movie: Crank an old fashioned movie camera.
• A TV Show: Use fingers to outling a tv frame.
• Identify the Number of Words: Hold up the number of fingers in the phrase.
• Then if acting out the 1st word hold up, one finger, if 2nd word then hold up two fingers and so on.
• If your charade Sounds Like something you are acting out: Pull on ear.

One feature we added to our Halloween Charades for Kids printable game pack was the addition of 12 blank cards. This allows you to tailor charades to your kids interests. This way you can add movie titles, tv characters or local haunted attractions to your game so your guests have more fun.

Have an older group of kids who want a bigger challenge, then consider using the charades cards to play Halloween Pictionary or a clue style game where the card is put up to the forehead and one at a time a clue is given then a guess. Score if the get the item in 1, 2, or 3 clues.

Want something darker, creepier and scarier, then check out Halloween Charades for Adults
We added more charades and challenging cards just right for teens and adults.

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