Halloween Charades & Pictionary Like Game

124 Halloween charades and 16 blank cards so you can add your own words and phrases to the game. Our adult party game of charades ideas including Death by Ceiling Fan, Blood Stained Carpet and even some easy ones to act out like Happy Halloween. This printable game has a great mix of easy, difficult and odd charades that will entertain, challenge and keep guests guessing. 

Printable Halloween Charades & Draw It
Our charades & pictionary like game is geared towards teens and adults. Party Game Ideas includes 124 Charade Cards and 16 blank charade cards. Just purchase and the PDF file will be emailed to you. Adobe needed to print file.

124 Halloween Charades for Adults124 Halloween Charades
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These printable charades and pictionary cards deal with Halloween (terms, movies, books), Autumn, death, scary things and situations. While they are not super gory, but might be scene as squeamish terms that should be fun and interesting to perform. If you want really gory Halloween charades you can add your own to the game with our blank cards.

We’ve used charade generators and also asked everyone in the group to write out charade or pictionary cards to through into a bowl, but we ran into a problem that we would always have multiples of Pumpkin Patch, Scary Movie, Great Pumpkin, or other common Halloween phrases. Our printable Halloween game takes care of that by giving you over one hundred unique cards with a diverse mix of topics.

The best of this game is when your guests perform one of the more complex or challenging phrases like “Devil with a Blue Dress On” or “Death by Ceiling Fan” and their team guesses it correctly and goes wild. With our mix of Halloween words and phrases and competitive teams, you’ll create a engaging evening everyone will enjoy.

It is the easy and fast way to have a great party, game night and social gathering with friends.

Halloween Charades for Adults

Get ready to have fun playing our adult Halloween charades and/or draw it a pictionary like game. However, if your guests have never played charades we recommend going over the rules and sharing these helpful tips.

Useful Tips on Playing Charades
Use these common actions to help your team have a better chance of guessing what people are performing.
• A Song: Pretend to sing.
• A Movie: Crank an old fashioned movie camera.
• A TV Show: Use fingers to outline a tv frame.
• Identify the Number of Words: Hold up the number of fingers in the phrase.
• Then if acting out the 1st word hold up, one finger, if 2nd word then hold up two fingers and so on.
• If your charade Sounds Like something you are acting out: Pull on ear.

Check out our video that offers fun and creative game options for your Halloween charades cards, 13 Games to Play with Charades Cards.

Halloween Charade Ideas and Words

Party Game Ideas Halloween charades for adults involves scary things, gross items, and more complex phrases. We recommend this game for those 14 or older and those who enjoy the horror movie genre. For example “Hanging by a Meat Hook” is something that those who watch scary movies can handle but isn’t right for younger kids.

If you are hosting an event that includes kids, we recommend the party host review the charade cards and remove any that you might deem to scary or graphic. However, if you are host a Halloween gathering for adults with a horror movie theme, you may want to add your own frightening charade ideas to the mix with our blank charade cards.

We have seen other printable Halloween Charade Packs online and think we offer just the right mix of fun, spooky, gross and trivia cards that everyone will have fun playing. Plus after viewing our video you’ll have more ways than ever to create interesting and memorable Halloween activities. Have fun and Happy Halloween.

If you are planning a party for a younger audience, then you may want to check our Halloween Charades for Kids.

Kid's Halloween Charades Cards - Printable Party Game
If our adult game seems like to much, then consider our Halloween Charades for Kids. It includes 113 cards so you can play Charades, Pictionary or a Heads Up styled guessing game, with these not so spooky words and phrases.