Halloween Elimination Trivia Game for Groups up to 120!

Halloween Elimination is the Easiest yet Hardest Trivia Game!
1. Each Game has just 8 Questions – Except the Final Round the has 12.
2. You are given the Answers! 
3. You just have to choose the Correct One. Either A or B!
4. Choose Correctly Stay in the Game – Choose Poorly and you are Eliminated!

Printable Halloween Elimination Trivia Game
Halloween Elimination Trivia Game is geared toward older teens and adults. The subject matter involves, movies that were rated R and items from a few decades ago. Just purchase and the PDF file will be emailed to you, download, print and play. No shipping or waiting. You will need Adobe 6 to print the file.

Printable Halloween Elimination Trivia GameHalloween Elimination Trivia Game
is by PartyGameIdeas.com

IT IS NOT PART of The Halloween Party Pack
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Halloween Elimination Trivia Game

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Halloween Elimination is made for an MC/Host to read the questions and the guests / players answer by showing A or B cards. Games start with easy questions that most people will get correct, but each question gets a little harder until most people are thinking they know the answer but just aren’t sure. The last few questions of each round tend to be toss ups for most people and that is what makes Halloween Elimination so hard. There is no writing unless you need a tie breaker round. Party Game Ideas also gives you a trivia page version of the questions without the answers, so you can use it a as a general Halloween Trivia game if you choose. Halloween Elimination Trivia Game is face paced game and questions range from movies, Halloween facts, body parts and more.

Halloween Elimination was made for Office parties up to 120 people, small gatherings and anyone who wants to play a Halloween trivia game and share fun facts and knowledge. It is easy enough that those who don’t like play Halloween games can play and maybe even enjoy it!

In a large group, Top Players from each trivia round move into the Final Cut.
Small groups can play to see who survives the game the longest or if anyone can get them all correct.
With 4 Halloween Elimination trivia games you get to play 4 times.
With Answer Key sheets and question sheets you can use Halloween Elimination as a standard Halloween trivia game.

Basically, you can adjust to fit your party needs and let your guest work hard to be the sole Survivor!

We hope you enjoy our Halloween Elimination Trivia Game game and Happy Halloween.

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