Halloween Trick or Treat Fear Factor
Supplies: Tricks or treat cards or dice, good and gross items to eat, kids who will eat anything – well at least try anything

Fear Factor was the TV show where guests were challenged to face their fears in order to stay in the game. Fear Factor lasted 6 years, inspired a stadium show at Universal Studios Orlando and MTV re-launched it in 2017. We’ve taken elements of the show and adapted it to create Halloween Trick or Treat Fear Factor where guests either get a trick (gross food) or treat (good food). This is a fun and interesting Halloween game for teenagers and adults.

Here is what you will need to play:
Choose a method to decide whether the contestant gets a Trick or a Treat.
– Dice Options: Roll and odd number = trick and even numbers = treats.
or put the odds in favor of Tricks. Rolls of 1, 3, 5, 6 = Tricks and Rolls of 2, 4 = Treats

You can also create 2 unique trick or treat card decks. (One for each team)
Use real cards and add stickers to Treat cards or create an original Trick or Trick cards for the event.
We recommend more tricks than treats, so maybe 6 or 7 trick cards out of every 10 cards.

Tricks and Treats to Eat
Basically you’ll need a variety of trick and treats. We suggest you have at least enough tricks and treats for one or two rounds.

Treats can be a candy bar, marshmallow treat, cookies or something good to eat.

Tricks can be:
Gross bugs you can eat like Crickets, Grasshoppers, Larvae Snacks or Mealworms
Gummy Candy that looks like MaggotsBrown WormsSquishy Eyeballs and other gross candy
Gross Food that is gross but make sure it is in an edible state like:
– Cooked beef tongue, snails, gizzards or liver
– Cow stomach or intestines
– Pig feet, ears and other parts
– Anchovies

Tricks can also be more mental like gummy bugs and these ideas but you don’t want a lot of good tasting treats.
– Use beef jerky but tell them they are goat tendons. (Sounds gross)
– Seaweed – Seaweed sheets used for sushi could be fish skin. Plus if it smells bad, just tell them it is seaweed – it may be gross enough just as it is.
Snack Peas = Dried squirrel nuts

How to Play Halloween Trick or Treat Fear Factor
Without telling your guests what you are going to do, divide your guests up into teams.
You can have 2, 3 or 4 teams depending on the guests – but remember that each team will need to have someone to give out Tricks or Treats.

Now you also want a set of Tricks or Treats for each group.
So each team will be eating the same gross stuff, but it is unknown who will be eating what.
You will also want to number the tricks and treats. The numbers are so the participants can select a trick or treat to eat. Just make sure you know which numbers are trick and which ones are treats.

Now once the teams are selected, you’ll let the guest know you are playing Trick or Treat Fear Factor.
The first player from each team will sit at the table and roll the dice or select a trick or treat card from the pile.

If it is a treat then they can select a Treat and eat it.
If they get a trick then they must select a trick and eat whatever it is. Fun gross or really gross!

The record the time it takes each team to finish eating all their their Tricks and Treat wins!
Then if applicable add the penalty times noted below.

The team with the lowest time wins!

Refuse to Eat Options
If someone refuses to eat their Trick add a 1 minute penalty and someone else on the team must eat the item.
If no one eats the item then there is a 2 minute penalty.

Note on Food
Adapt the grossness of the food to the age so crickets, mealworms, gummy maggots, and squishy eyeballs may be fun for the 10 – 13 year old crowd but dull for high school kids.
FYI – We create a page of Gross Halloween Candy – that has great stuff for Halloween Fear Factor

Make sure you get foods you can eat and make sure all foods have been cooked properly.
Talk to your local butcher safety prep and make sure any uncooked items are properly refrigerated until right before they are used.

Halloween Fear Factor Trivia Variation
Instead of having the teams race to eat all the items as fast as possible.

Divide the teams up and have team member answer trivia questions, unscramble words, etc… The first team to answer correctly, can give a Trick (Gross food) to the player they were up against to eat.

The first team to get rid of all their Tricks wins.

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