Printable Halloween Trivia Questions Game

22 Halloween Trivia Questions, a challenging printable game for friends, family, office and social groups.

How long has Halloween been celebrated? How much candy is purchased the week before Halloween? and more Halloween questions involving candy, witches, traditions, and fun facts that span hundreds of years. Our printable Halloween Trivia game includes 22 multiple choice questions that is both interesting and easy to play.

Printable Halloween Trivia Questions Game
Our printable Halloween Trivia game has 22 Halloween questions and is best enjoyed by those 12 and older. Guests must correctly choose the most right answers to win. Just purchase and the file link will be emailed to you, then print and play.

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Our printable Halloween Trivia Questions game includes a mix of Halloween related questions that include historical references, legends and traditions associated with Halloween, candy, cartoons and some odd facts that help make the game interesting.

This printable Halloween Trivia questions game provides you with 22 Halloween themed multiple choice questions. The questions are either True or False and multiple choice with four possible answers. Some are easy, but others should have players pausing and wavering between two or three answers.

If you play a lot of Halloween trivia games with your group, then you may have seen a few of these questions in the past. However we tried to mix up the questions to include old and new Halloween facts, so becoming the Halloween Trivia Champ won’t be easy. And just in case there is a Halloween Trivia tie, we offer two different tie-breakers on the answer key.

Length of time to play and score Halloween Trivia Questions Game – 12 to 18 minutes.

Halloween is such a great holiday and it has such a rich and interesting history, that we had to create a printable trivia game for it. We started with almost 40 different Halloween trivia questions and ended up with 22 questions that provide a wide range of facts and nuggets of information. We left off a few great questions, because we found them to be on every Halloween trivia or challenge we reviewed.

On our Halloween Trivia Question answer sheet, we include the answers and tidbits of information that can be shared when you go over the answers. We have always felt it was nice to have those extra facts to share with your party guests while going over the answers. It just makes your Halloween Trivia game more interesting.

You should allow 5-6 minutes to play this Halloween Trivia game and about 8-12 minutes to go over the questions and answers. We recommend this game for teenagers and adults, but younger kids can play (since it is multiple-choice), but may find several of the questions hard to understand.

Halloween Trivia Question Game Tip: Remind guests that they can not use their phones or tablets during your Halloween party game to look up answers or they will be disqualified

We hope you enjoy our Halloween Trivia Questions game and have a fun and wonderful Halloween.

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Everyone knows something about Halloween legends and lore, but do they know enough to score high enough to win our printable Halloween Trivia game? 

We scoured the web, history books, photos and the archives of candy corporations to create a fun and interesting trivia game just about Halloween. And when we found a fact we didn’t really like we created Halloween facts that sound true but are completely false. Can you and your guests identify which ones are real? 

Whether you play are Halloween Trivia game with friends, co-workers or just family, you’ll have a spooky time just trying to answer them all in 5 or 6 minutes. It should be easy as they are multiple choice, but we through in some that will make you want to pull out your hair. Once your game is over your ghoulish group will rattle their bones in delight as they learn they selected the correct answer or fear they have lost they lost the chance to be a Halloween Trivia Champ.

So grab your pens, print out your Halloween Trivia game and get ready to play, and have a hauntingly good time.