Horror Movie Madness – Evil Character Trivia Game

24 Evil Horror Movie Characters are listed, match them up to the quiz clues in order to win this Halloween party game.

Think your gang knows horror movies? Well call your friends and if they can survive this slasher film trivia game like Jamie Lee Curtis escaping Michael Myers! We’ve pulled together 24 evil horror movie villains, created clues about each chilling character, and challenge your guests to slash their way to victory.

Printable Horror Movie Madness
Our printable horror movie trivia game is best enjoyed by those 16 and older and includes 24 horror movie characters and clues that must be matched up. Just purchase and the file link will be emailed to you, then print and play.

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Our horror movie trivia game contains 24 murderous killers from classic horror films from the 1970s and 80s, plus newer ones from the 2010s. We’ve tried to mix well known villains like Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and Dracula with some lesser known killers like Sam, Annie Wilkes, and Pinhead. The clues range from word plays or unique descriptions about them to specific facts. So horror movie fans, invite your friends, then lock the doors and then see who really knows the most about scary movies and slasher films.

In doing our sample testing of Horror Movie Madness, we found that most people could quickly match up 10 – 14 of the horror movie characters to their clues. They would then review further and match up another 4 – 6 characters and then came the pause. Often most Halloween trivia game players were left with 4-8 unmatched movie characters, which is exactly what you want. You want people playing your party game to have some success, but you also want them to struggle and guess at a few answers; otherwise everyone would win.

What if there is a tie?
Just in case you have a tie, Horror Movie Madness offers two tie-breaker trivia questions to help determine a winner.

Horror Movie Madness Rating & Game Play Options
For the general public, we rate this horror film game as moderate to hard and recommend you set a time limit for play and score the results after time is up.

If your friends or family are horror movie trivia experts, this printable quiz might seem easy. If that is the case, we recommend you play first to finish with all the correct answers wins.

Length of time to play and score Horror Movie Madness – 10 to 15 minutes.

So many Halloween party games are geared towards kids, and we wanted to make a fun, challenging trivia game that could be played among friends, horror movie fans, at the office or just enjoyed among family. The result is our printable adult Halloween party game that features horror movie killers / villains.

You’ll find bone-chilling slashers that never seems to die, classic monsters that have endured for decades and some more modern characters that terrorize the big screen and our nightmares. Horror Movie Madness is recommended for adults and those 16 and older because it is best to have watched or have some knowledge of these scary movies in order to play.

We worked hard to try and balance our horror movie characters between new and old films in order to make sure that no group of players have a significant advantage. Younger adults may have never watched Christine or Psycho, while older adults may be oblivious about Trick r Treat and The Conjuring films. This helps make this scary movie matching game fun and interesting for all. For horror movie fans this is a great way to discover so new films to watch this Halloween.  

In fact after creating this adult party game, we are looking forward to watching many of these horror movies before Halloween so we can enjoy the frights, screams and villains again.

Remind guests that they can not use their phones or tablets during your Halloween party game to look up answers or they will be disqualified

We hope you enjoy our horror movie character game and have a safe and Happy Halloween.

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