Halloween Secret Message – Like a Jumble Word Scramble Game

Put on your thinking caps and unscramble the letters to form words, answers the clues and solve the Halloween Secret Message. A fun Halloween party game or classroom activity for kids and families.

Looking for a challenging word party game or activity for your event or classroom? Well we’ve come up with a Halloween Secret Message word scramble game that involves unscramble letters to form words, then using those words to answer various clues, and finally using the coded numbers to solve the secret message. It’s a word scramble, a Sunday Jumble and a little mystery all wrapped up in a printable game! And we offer two Halloween Secret Message games with our game pack.

2 Printable Halloween Secret Message Games
You get 2 Secret Message games, which include 10 words to unscramble, 10 clues to answer and the Secret Message to decode. This game is best suited for those between 3rd and 6th grade. Reading skills are needed to play. Just purchase and the file link will be emailed to you, then print and play.

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Our printable Halloween Secret Message game is a fun word puzzle game that challenges kids and adults to unscramble the letters to create Halloween themed words. Then match those words to the clues given to determine which letters go where in the secret message. Once all the clues are answered, then party guest can work to quickly place the letters in the correct spaces to reveal the Halloween message. So basically this is a Halloween word scramble, trivia clue match and cryptogram all rolled into one! Or shall we say two, since you get 2 printable games.

This printable game is intended for kids from 3rd to 6th grade, but adults can play it too. And unscrambling those words can be challenge at any age. Reading skills need to play. If children under 7 are attending your party or Halloween event, just be sure to pair them up with other players so they might enjoy the activity.

Length of Game
We offer several ways to play our Halloween Secret Message games and estimate each game (game play and reviewing the answers) will run about 10-12 minutes.

The answer key includes the unscrambled words, correct answers and the hidden messages.

For those who like words games, Sunday Jumbles, sending coded messages, party games and Halloween this game is for you.

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