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Children's Halloween Games

These children's Halloween games are a big hit with kids ages 3 - 7 and 8 - 12 , but adults often find them entertaining as well, because they are simple party games that everyone can enjoy. These Halloween games are easy, fun and often random and what is best the kids may want to play these Halloween games over and over again. We also have some Halloween games and activities for toddlers, these simple ideas can allow them to share in Halloween fun too.

Spider Web Hunt

Spiderweb Hunt – A giant spider was in the house and built a super sized spiderweb in den! This good spiderweb filled with prizes that the kids can find themselves. Non-competitive kids game.

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Skeleton Pose Off

Players are challenged to remember and re-create Skeleton Poses against competing teams in this fast paced Halloween game. These head to head and relay games are fun for kids and adult Halloween parties.

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Ghost Hunter

First teams of Ghost Hunters must find ghost via clues and then teams must try to figure out the secret Halloween word or phrase. A unique Halloween kids party game combines thinking and activity.

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Build a Scarecrow

Build a Scarecrow – Teams race to build a scarecrow from old clothes, newspaper and whatever items they have been given. Give out various awards and place the winning scarecrow on the front lawn.

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Pumpkin Golf

Whether playing one hole or making a 3 hole Pumpkin Golf course, we have ideas to make your Pumpkin Golf game a success whether indoors or out. Fun Halloween party game for kids from 4 and up. Single and team play options.

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Witch Hunt Game

Witch Hunt – Kids race to find the witches hidden around the house to win prizes. Winners can be most found and special bonus witches. Can also play with pumpkins and spiders. Relay version too!

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