Halloween Eyeball Bounce
Supplies: Ping pong balls, markers, plastic pumpkins
Age Group: 3 – 7, but works for all ages.

Eyeball Bounce Game Prep
1. Take 6- 12 ping pong balls and decorate with markers to look like blood shot eyes.
You can also purchase ready to go bloodshot eyeballs, see below.
2. You’ll want at least 8-12 plastic pumpkins, Halloween themed containers or black & orange party cups for the kids to aim for.
3. For young children you’ll want to place the pumpkins next to each other and for older kids you  might want to add some space between them to make drops and throws more difficult.

How to play Halloween Eyeball Bounce
1. Each child is given a turn and receives 3 eyeballs (Adjust as needed.)
2. They are told that the goal is to try to get the eyeballs into the pumpkins by dropping them down the stairs, bouncing them on the floor or table, or tossing them from a set point or line.
Tip: Do a practice run prior to the party, you may learn it is best to only go up 3 or 4 steps to drop a ball or have the kids toss or bounce the eyeball from just a few feet away rather than from across the room.
3. Place the plastic pumpkins, containers or cups at the bottom of stairs, floor or at the end of a table. Works best on wooden stairs and floors.
4. Have each child take their turn to toss or bounce the eyeball into the pumpkins.
5. Do as an party activity for fun or hand out prizes “Halloween candy” to those that bounce the eyeball in the pumpkin!

Also for young kids, you may want to place 20 cups together and have each cup worth a secret prize. This makes Eyeball Bounce more interesting and the prizes can be the party favors! Play until each child gets a prize.

Thanks – Lisa

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Our DIY Experience with Halloween Eyeball Bounce
Eyeball Bounce - Kid's Party GameEyeball Bounce
Making a kids Halloween party game is easy.

We found these Halloween themed containers at Target
Decorated ping pong balls to look like bloodshot eyes
Then we tested it and the ping pong balls bounced right out!
Solution: Place Candy Corn in the bottom.
We used bags so we can eat the candy later.
Our total cost to put this together was under $10
Plus you can reuse the items once the kids game is done.

You can choose to spread out the containers or try stacking them. If you stack the containers for Halloween Eyeball Bounce just be sure to weight or tape down the containers.