Pumpkin Relay Race Game

Supplies: Pumpkins and active kids

Sometimes the easiest party games are some of the most fun.
This is great for classrooms and large parties. Create equal numbered teams of 6 – 12 players and line them up.
Have small pumpkins that the kids can pass over their head and between their feet. (Think cooking pumpkins.)

Each team lined up with team members standing behind one another with about a foot between each team member.
Set a pumpkin in front of the first player on each team and explain that the first person passes the pumpkin over his/her head to the next person in line who must then grab the pumpkin and then pass it through their legs to the next person in line.
This pattern of above the head and through the legs continues until you reach the last person of each team.

When the pumpkin reaches the last person, that team member runs to the front of the line and starts the process of either passing the pumpkin over their head or through their legs. This continues until everyone on the team has had a turn at the front of the line. Finally, when the person who was first in line becomes the last in line and gets the pumpkin, they need to run to the front of the line and set the pumpkin down at his or her feet to complete the game. The first team to complete the task is the winning team.

Thanks, Lara, NC

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