Halloween Eyeball Relay Race

Supplies: Eyeball ping pong balls, spoons, cones / obstacles

The eyeball relay race is a simple game that involves a steady hand and quick feet. The game is like spoon races but with a Halloween fun.

Halloween Eyeball Relay Race Prep
1. Purchase eyeball ping pong balls or decorate ping pong balls to look like bloodshot eyeballs.
2. Set a starting line and cones or Halloween obstacles (pumpkin, tombstone, witch hat) that should be placed about 20 feet from the starting line. You will need a lane for each team (about 3-4 feet wide), so 1 obstacle per lane.
3. Decide how many teams per race, two is preferred but you can play with three. Note you can always have several races, that way everyone can play.
4. Divide your guest into teams. We like having 6-8 people per team, but you can play with 10.

How to Play Halloween Eyeball Relay Race
1. Have the teams line up, in their lane, behind the starting line and hand the first player on each team a spoon and an eyeball.
2. Instruct them that when the game starts, they must place the eyeball on the spoon and walk with the spoon in hand down to the obstacle and return to the starting line without dropping the eyeball. If they drop the eyeball, they must retrieve it, return to the starting line and begin again until they complete the task.
3. Once a player completes the task and returns to the starting line, they then hand the spoon to the next team member in line and then they must complete their portion of the Eyeball Relay Race.
4. The first team to have all members off their team complete the relay Wins.

Ideas to Increase Eyeball Relay Race Difficulty
1. For older kids add more obstacles so that players must weave around during the race. If you do add more obstacles, than increase the width of the lane so that players don’t have to go into the other teams lane when playing.

2. Use plastic spoon and instead of having the kids place the spoon in their hands it is placed in their mouth. If you choose this game idea, make sure that each guest has there own spoon.


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Halloween Eyeball Relay Race is one of those party games that is challenging for all ages and kids, families and adults have fun playing this game. So have fun and share with friends.

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