Spider Web Hunt
Supplies: Synthetic spider webs, favors – prizes, (tape or hooks to affix spiderwebs to walls), optional flashlights

Spider Web Hunt Game Prep
1. Identify a smaller room or space to play this game. It can be a section of a room as well, with a walking path in the middle and then place the spiderwebs on items off to the side. Spider webs can be hung from the ceiling and draped off items, like in picture.
2. Based on space, get synthetic spiderwebs (3-5).
3. Use removable hooks or tape and make your spiderweb in the room/area.
4. Once your spiderweb is done, you can then attach (rings, temp.tattoos, candy) favors/prizes to the spiderweb or on objects or spaces covered by spiderwebs. The prizes/favors can be wrapping or unwrapped. The only issue if the kids can see what it is, is that if they don’t like the item they might put it back and keep search. One way to avoid this wrap the items or use the same item and place numbers on the item and then once they all have gone, have those numbers correspond to a prize/favor.
5. If the kids are older (6 and older) you may want to add plastic spiders in among the spiderweb.

How to Play Spider Web Hunt
1. Tell the kids that a happy spider came to the house to celebrate Halloween, but sadly couldn’t stay for the party. So the spider spun a web and left treats in it for you.
2. Depending on space, have 1-3 kids go into the spiderweb area and look for a treat and when they find one select it and come back out.
3. To add some fun consider having the room / area be dimly light and give the kids flashlights for their search.
4. Play until each guest has gone and gotten a prize.