Halloween Get Out Ghosts – Junk in the Trunk Party Game 
Supplies: Tissue boxes, decorations – tissue paper, craft supplies, ping pong balls, belt.

Oh No, there are ghosts behind you! See how fast you can get those ghosts away from you by shaking them off your tail! The faster you shake, the quicker you can escape.

This is a simple, fun and entertaining game to watch and play. However it is best played at Halloween parties and events where kid’s are NOT in costume. We say this because it takes a lot of effort and energy. And if guests are in costume, then part of their costume may go flying as well.

How to Play Get Out Ghosts – Halloween Junk in the Trunk party game
1. Select players to play the game or you can have different teams and play several rounds and award a point to each round winner and play first team to 3 wins. Some will use this game as a Minute to Win It game as part of a series of games.

2. Ghost houses (tissue boxes) are tied around each players waist with a belt, with the ghost house should sit just below the waist on the players back side. You’ll need one box per team and we recommend having a spare box and just in case one gets damaged during play.

3. Once the ghost houses are attached, place 5 ping pong balls (ghosts) in the box.

4. One the count of three, players must shake their ghost house (trunk) and get the ghosts out! The first person to get all the ghosts out of their house wins! A short video below shows what to expect in this game.

These rules are similar to playing Junk in the Trunk from the Minute to Win It game show. We’ve just added a Halloween theme and twist so it sounds spooky.

Game Prep Get Out Ghosts – Halloween Junk in the Trunk

Get Out Ghosts - Halloween Junk in the Trunk Minute to Win It Game

a. Gather your supplies – Tissue boxes, Halloween tissue paper, glue, scissors 
b. Remove the plastic from inside the tissue box, then decorate the box with Halloween tissue paper. You may need to make some small cut to fit the tissue paper inside the box. 
c. We recommend cutting small slits in the back of the tissue box so you can slide a belt through the box. 
d. Place the box around the waist as shown, and add 5 ping pong balls (ghosts) to each box.

Pretty simple and with the Halloween tissue paper it makes for a Halloween party game that is tons of fun and looks great too!