Which Witch is Which? Witch Trivia Game

21 Witches are listed, but Which Witch is Which? Spellbindly fun Halloween party game.

Gather your coven and get ready to cast a spell of challenging fun as you and your guest try to determine which clue identifies which Witch. We’ve pull together 21 good and evil witches from tv, movies and the comics to create an intriguing Halloween party game that may cause your guests to curse you!

Our witch list contains popular witches and some less known ones just to keep things interesting, our clues are crafted to identify a specific witch. So grab your favorite potions, gather your guests and see who really knows Which Witch is Which.

Printable Witch Trivia – Which Witch is Which?
Our Witch trivia game is best enjoyed by those 16 and older. Our printable game include 21 witch names and 21 clues that must be matched up. Just purchase and the PDF file will be emailed to you, download, print and play. Adobe needed to print file.

Which Witch is Which?
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Our printable Witch Trivia game comes with 21 questions that match the 21 witches listed at the top of the pages. In this quiz game players/guests are given a specific amount of time to correctly match the witch to the clue. Once time is up, reveal the answers and see who is the most knowledge Witch in your group. This game can be fun for those that love witches, sci-fi, and Halloween. About half of the witches fall into the general knowledge arena, but once guests get the first 8 – 10 completed it starts to get trickier as you need specific knowledge about the witch, as a result we rate this and the challenge level as Moderate for those who are into sci-fi and challenging for most party guests.

Our Witch Trivia game works for girls nights, Halloween parties, dinner parties, casual social events among friends and office coworkers. It is a light hearted printable party game, that is challenging and guys might find this more difficult to play than women.

While we could have made this all about evil witches, we know that there are good and bad witches out there and we wanted to make this fun, interesting and make sure that almost all of your guests should be able to identify a few of the witches on our list. So you’ll find Harry Potter, Disney, TV series and movie witches included in the mix.

Remind guests that they can not use their phones or tablets during the game to look up answers or they will be disqualified

We hope you enjoy our Which Witch is Which? witch trivia game and Happy Halloween.

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