Halloween Movie Master Game
Supplies: Basically a vast knowledge of horror movies, lots of props, pen, paper

How well do your guests know and love Halloween movies?

Well this Halloween Game will have you setting up different “homage’s” (create scenes / decor) to scary movies and have guests try to guess (as singles or in pairs) what movie you are referencing.

Halloween Movie Master allows you to set up 10 – 15 movies props and target the title, a scene or a character in the movie. Some might be easy, while others will be hard but it will all be based on horror movie knowledge.

a. One of my tombstones in the graveyard read “GAGE” – the kid from Pet Cemetery,
b. A Chianti bottle sitting next to a plate with a piece of liver and beans on it, – Silence of the Lambs
c. A guest register set up by the door for people to sign in with the name Marion Crane at the top – she’s the woman from PSYCHO.
d. A tricycle and (fake) barbed-wire wrapped around it – SAW
e. Corner with a person (doll) face it – The Blair Witch Project
f. Elementary School picture and can of corn – Children of the Corn
g. 3 sheets of paper that repeats “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” – The Shining

The key is to find something iconic and unique find the movie or movie title and use that to build your scene / clues. Mix things up to allow for easy word plays and more challenging ideas.

Once you have all of your ideas. Place each scene around the room and number them.
Then create your game sheet. have a place for the guest’s name and then have the numbers go down the page and place a line next to each number where guests will place their answer.


How to Play Halloween Movie Master
1. Decide whether you want to play as individuals or 2 person teams.
2. Then hand out the Halloween Movie Master game sheets and have them place their name or team name at the top.
3. Let them know that around the house / room there are “x” amount of numbered scenes set and guests must go around and to determine what movie that scene or item represents.
4. If you know the movie, write your answer on the sheet but don’t share as you are compete against other players.
5. You’ll have “x” minutes to complete this task. We recommend 1 minute per scene or cap the game at 15 minutes.
6. At the end of game, teams will turn in their sheets and you will score the results.
7. Before you announce the winner – Go through the list and share what each scene was and once you are done share who won the game and they get a prize.
8. Have a tie breaker ready – Have a movie trivia question ready based on release date or number of movies in a franchise to then determine a winner. It is best to have them write down the answer and show it, that way they cannot change it based on what the other person said.

Thanks, Shannon