The Morgue Assistant – Body Parts Halloween Game

Supplies: Fake body parts, various pastas and food items, disposable vinyl gloves, various food items, bowls, cooking oil, dim lighting, stopwatch

Great News there is a Job Opening in Haunted Hill!
Bad News is that it’s at the Haunted Hill Morgue!

For this Halloween game, players must put on Morgue gloves (disposable vinyl gloves) to find all the body parts in the fastest time in order to become the Haunted Hill Morgue Assistant. More game details and where to find body parts below.

The Morgue Assistant Game Prep
For this Halloween game you’ll need items that represent body parts or fact body parts and corresponding pasta that is similar to the body parts. The body parts and pasta/food items will go in the same bowl. You end up with one bowl per body part.

Body Parts
– Fingers
Fake cut off fingers – Solid fingers in 5 or 10 packs
You can also take carrots, peel, and make finger like, baby carrots for stubby fingers.
Cooked Penne pasta

– Eyes
Squishy Eyeballs – You’ll need 2 for a set of eyes but we recommend you get extra just in case one gets lost.
Medium pasta shells, olives and/or peeled grapes

– Ears
Fake Ears – best is a latex or flexible ears
Use large shells and you can also take cooked lasagna and use a pumpkin or round cookie cutter to make ear like shapes

– Gross Tongues
Fake rubber tongues
Again large shell pasta, lasagna cut in a tongue shape

– You can add other items for the list, here are various Halloween Body Parts & Bloody Chop Shop Props


Bowls / Containers
You’ll want bowls or containers that are wide enough for your guest to put both hands or at least one hand in and deep enough to where they can’t see the Fingers, Eyes, Ears, etc… from above so at least 4 – 6 inches deep.

Preparing the Pasta
This game involves quite a bit of pasta and you’ll need to prepare enough time to make it all. The amount of pasta will depend on the size of the bowls, but in most cases you’ll want at least 1 lb. of each pasta and to be safe maybe more.

Cooking Oil
The cooking oil or olive oil is used to make sure the pasta does not stick together, makes it feel gross and makes it harder to find the body parts.

Halloween Party Set Up
– Cook each pasta separately, drain and let cool to where you can safely touch it.
– Now place the pasta in a bowl and drizzle a tablespoon of oil over the pasta and mix gently. (hands work best)
– Not you can store in the fridge until 15 – 20 minutes before it’s time to play
– Just before you play pull out the bowl and mix the pasta up a little, if it is sticking add a little more oil and mix in the body parts that go with the pasta. You’ll want a nice mix.
– For Effect cover each bowl with a cloth so the guests can’t see what is in the bowls and move them to a table so you can play

Playing The Morgue Assistant 
Gather your guests around and share the story that in Haunted Hill times are tough and finding a job is even tougher, but there is one job opening where people are dying to get in and that’s the Haunted Hill Morgue!

Good News is the Haunted Hill Morgue is looking for a Morgue Assistant since the last one got cold feet a few days ago.

The Job Description Reads:
Wanted Morgue Assistant who enjoys long hours, cool temps, can identify body parts, fast and enjoys being around dead people.

After reading that, I went ahead and signed up everyone Morgue Assistant Interview!

— Game Host Decision —
Decide in advance whether to:
a. Invite each guest to the interview in another room where you tell them the details of the game or
b. Tell the entire group about the details of the game

If you choose option a. Single Interviews do the following
Invite the first Job Candidate (guest) back for their interview. This should be in a separate room that is dimly lit and have the bowls with body parts on a table.

Thank them for coming to the haunted Hill Morgue for the interview and let them know that the last Morgue Assistant let in such a hurry that body parts were left everywhere and worst of all Mr. Morgan is still missing a few.

In fact we are looking for 5 fingers, 2 eyes, 2 ears and a tongue (add any other body parts you have to the list). As part of this interview I am going to need you to search for the body parts in those bowls over there (point in the direction of the bowls) and see if you can find all the missing parts.

I need you to find all these body parts as fast as you can so we can finally put Mr. Morgan to rest. Please put on these safety gloves (disposable vinyl gloves), then hand them a container to place the body parts in and when I say go start your search, but please keep in mind I don’t tolerate a messy workplace so if your spill anything outside of the bowls I may have to ask you to leave the interview.

Now when you say Go, you or a helper (helps to have two people working the game) starts the stopwatch and the Interviewee begins searching for the body parts. We recommend that you allow up to 2 minutes for them to search for the body parts.

If they find all the body parts in less than 2 minutes record the time and the Lowest Time Wins the Job of Morgue Assistant.
If the first person does not find all the body parts, then record how many they did find. If not of the Interviewees find all the body parts in the requires time limit then the one who found the most wins.

Once a guest has finished their interview thank them and have them go to another room of the house or outside so they don’t tell the other guests what you must do for the interview.

If you choose b. Sharing with the Entire Group
Use the Haunted Hill Morgue story line from above and Thank them all for coming to the Haunted Hill Morgue. Let them know that one by one they will be asked to find Mr. Morgans body parts that have been lost. So dim the lights and begin.

In this version of The Morgue Assistant all the guests can watch one another and learn tricks from others so consider a random order for your Interviewees. Once complete select your winner the same as above either fastest time or most body parts found.

Last Notes
This is a messy Halloween game so consider a Bib to protect clothing
To make the mix look even more disgusting mix in a little fake blood

The Morgue Assistant is a Messy Halloween Party Game
Use care and caution when playing this game – adult supervision recommended
© – Do Not Reprint without Authorization

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