Halloween Toddler Games  
Halloween Games and Activities for kids 2 and 3 years old.

Sometimes when you have a Halloween Party there are lots of party games for the older kids but the toddlers (kids 2 – 3 years old) don’t have any Halloween activities just for them. Party Game Ideas has pulled together some ideas to keep your youngest little ghosts and goblins busy on Halloween.

Our first rule for Party Games for those 3 and under, keep it simple and don’t make it scary.

Pumpkin Search
1. Go into a room and place a few (2-3 per child) mini-pumpkins around the room (the small ones).
2. When the you come out let the kids know that pumpkins are scattered in the room and they are to go in, find them and bring them back to you.
3. Re-hide and play again. Kids will often enjoy playing several times.
After you finish the game, decorate the pumpkins with markers or other items.

Find the Halloween Object
1. Take various objects associated with Halloween. You can use actual objects or paper cut outs. (Witches Hat, Skeleton, Pumpkin, Ghost etc… )
2. Take Pictures of each Halloween item.
3. Hide the Halloween items in a room, area or outdoor space.
4. Each child is given a turn, shown a photo of a Halloween item (Witches Hat) and then they have to search the room to find it. Once they find it, grab it and return to the group and the next child goes. If a child has difficulty finding the item then consider saying them are getting warmer (closer) or colder (farther) away from the object. This helps them stay focused and you’ll have less of a chance of a tantrum.
TIP: For this game make sure there is 1 Halloween object to be found for each child. To be safe we recommend you hide 2 – 3 extra items in cases you have extra guests.

Halloween Monster Dance
An easy Halloween activity is just to turn on some Halloween music and do a monster dance, where you go out and dance with all the kids and just have fun. An easy time killer and should get them laughing and dancing.

These Halloween toddler activities are very simple and focused on discovery rather than being first as the goal is to keep their attention and have fun. For more advanced Halloween games for kids 3-7 that challenge the senses and their skills view out Kid’s Halloween Party Games page.

Have a great Halloween toddler activity, let us know.