Zombie Daylight, Darkness – Outdoor Large Space Game

Supplies: Starting line, finish line, kids willing to act like zombies

Zombie Daylight, Darkness Game Prep
1. Before the game, lay two lengths of rope about 25-40 feet apart in your play area to make start and finish lines. If you do not have rope use markers (cans, cones) to set these lines.

How to Play Zombie Daylight, Darkness
1. Select someone to be the Zombie Hunter. The Zombie Hunter will be stand just on the other side of the finish line.
2. The zombies (other players) start behind the starting line and their goal is to be the first zombie to cross the finish line and then become the next zombie hunter.
3. The game begins when the Zombie Hunter turns his/her back on the zombies and shouts, “Darkness” He/she then loudly counts to five as fast as he/she can.
4. While the Zombie Hunter is counting, the zombies walk quickly with their hands out (like zombies walk) and move towards the finish line.
5. When the Zombie Hunter has finished counting to five he/she shouts, “Daylight!” and turns around quickly. The zombies must freeze instantly, because zombies hate daylight. If the Zombie Hunter catches anyone moving, that zombie must return to the starting line. The Zombie Hunter then turns again and repeats the Darkness, Daylight pattern.
6. Play continues until one of the participants crosses the finish line while the Zombie Hunter’s back is turned. That player then becomes the Zombie Hunter.

If the game is going to fast consider increasing the length of the field or reduce the counting from 5 to 3. Note you can count as fast or as slow as you want.

Not big on the Zombie theme then go with Vampires and when the Vampire Hunter yells daylight the Vampires must not only stop but also cover their faces so as to avoid the sunlight.