Cluck Hunt – Silly Children’s Candy Corn Game

Supplies: Candy corn, cups

Fun for the kids and hilarious for everyone watching. It is called, Cluck Hunt. All you need is some candy corn, paper cups and a large room, rooms or outdoor area.

Cluck Hunt Game Prep & Play
1. Before the party, hide candy corn throughout the house or back yard. This should be in a area where the kids / guests won’t see it before the game.
2. When it comes time to play, divide the group into teams and each team chooses one person to be the Rooster.
3. The rest of the team members are hens and they go hunting for the candy corn.
4. The fun part is when the “hens” find the candy corn. They have to keep their hands behind their backs and cannot touch the candy corn when they find it. They have to cluck loudly, like a hen, to get their rooster’s attention.
5. The team member who is the rooster must run to the hen and can place the candy corn in there cups. You can either put a time limit on it or let them go until all the candy corn has been found.
6. Winning the game. You can have individual winner (most candy corn) or winning teams (most total candy corn). I prefer teams since there is only one rooster per team.

Thanks – Debbie

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