Ghost Clothespin Drop – Kid’s Halloween Game

Supplies: 5 clothes pins. 5 white tissues, 1 black marker,1 jar with large opening (mason jar works well) and 5 small pieces of string

Ghost Clothespin Drop Game Prep
1. Take the clothes pins and place one tissue around each clothes pin
2. Tie the tissues on with the clothes pin with a piece of string or twist tie.
3. Use the marker to draw the eyes on the ghosts.

How to Play Ghost Clothespin Drop
1. Place the jar on the floor.
2. One at a time, have the children stand over the jar and hand them one ghost.
3. The child must then must hold the ghost at the level of their nose and try to line it up so that the ghost drops into the jar.
4. Each child is given 5 ghosts to drop and the child who gets the most ghosts in the jar wins.

If there is a tie between two or more children, then have the children do it again.
If there you have another tie then have the kids do it blindfolded or with their eyes closed.

Ghost Clothespin Drop Variations

Ghost Clothespin Drop Relay
The goal of the Ghost Drop Relay is the same as the single player game as it is to get the ghost into the jar, however how you play is different. You will need more ghosts for this version of the game.

1. Divide guests into two or more teams
2. Set a Start line where team members stand and where the kids will drop the ghosts into the jar. This space between the line and drop area should be 8-10 feet apart.
3. Teams will line up at the Start line, beside them will be a basket of clothes pin ghosts.

4. When the Party Host says “Go” the first member of the team grabs a Clothes Pin Ghost and heads for the jar, stops, lines up the ghost and drops it from their nose level.
5a. If the ghost goes in the jar, that players heads back to the Starting line, Tags the next player and they repeat the process of grabbing a ghost and heading to the jar.
5b. If the player’s Ghost fails to go in the jar you can have them:
– Quickly pick up the ghost wherever it fell and try again or
– Have them head back to the Starting line and pick up another ghost and return to the jar to try again.
6. The 1st Team to have all team members get their Ghosts in the Jar Wins

Ghost drop is a classic kid’s game and a fun Halloween children’s activity that tends to be harder than you realize. To be honest this Ghost Drop can be challenging at any age. This clothespin drop game is easily be played without the ghosts at harvest parties and children’s events.