Witch’s Hat Ring Toss Games

Supplies: 3 or more Witch’s hats, paper, tape, 6 glow necklaces

Witch’s Hat Ring Toss Game Prep
1. Take 3 or more witch’s hats and stuff with paper so they are solid and don’t bend over.
2. Take the hat’s, space them 2-3 feet apart and tape to the floor. In a row or triangle shape.
3. Depending on the age on the guests, set a the throwing line at 5, 8 or 10 feet from the hats.

How to Play Witch’s Hat Ring Toss
1. Divide the group into two teams.
2. Each player is given 3 glow necklaces and is instructed to stand behind the throw line and try to toss the necklace around the witch’s hat.
3. Each glow necklace that lands on the point of the hat, scores 1 point. Each player can score up to 3 points per turn.
4. Each player gets one turn (3 throws), record each player’s score and tally the team’s points.  The team with the most points wins.

Witch’s Hat Toss Variations

Witch’s Ring Toss Relay
1. Set up 2 witch’s hats 5, 8 or 10 feet from the throwing lines. They should be beside each other and the same distance, so that there is the same level of difficulty. Each Team will be aiming for the hat in their own lane.
2. Divide the group into two teams.
If you have a lot of party guests, you can divide into four teams and play two semi-final rounds and then a final round.
3. The first player from each team is given three glow necklaces and has 3 attempts to ring the witch’s hat.
a. If they get the ring on the witch’s hat on the first, second or third try, they pass any remaining necklaces to the next player and retrieve any thrown necklace, gives it to the next player and then the next player takes their turn and the first player is done.
b. If the player does not get a necklace on the witch’s hat, then the player retrieves the necklaces hands them to the next player to take their turn and that person goes to the end of the team’s line.
4. The game continues until the first team to have all their players toss a necklace around the witch’s hat.

Witch’s Hat Ring Team Game
1. For this version you’ll need 3 necklaces for each team and the necklaces should be two different colors.
2. You’ll need 6-8 chairs, 6-8 witch’s hats and guests to be part of the game.
Set Up
3. Set up 2 rows of chairs (either 3 or 4 in each row) and establish a necklace (ring) toss line 5 – 8 feet from the chairs.
4. Then have guests (6-8) sit in the seat and place a witch’s hat on their head.
5. Two players then are given 3 necklaces each (of the same color) and teams are named by the color of the glow necklaces.
6. At the same time, players take their necklaces and try to toss on the witch’s hats worn by the seated guests.
7. Once a seated guest is ringed they join the team that ringed them and can then begin to try and ring other seated guests, but they can only use the necklaces of their team.
8. Once a team tosses all their necklaces, they must retrieve them and then return to behind the toss line before tossing again.
9. Play until all guests have been ringed by a glow necklace and the team with the most players at the end wins. If there is a tie play again, you can also play the game with an odd number of seated guests and that way there will always be a winning team.

These witch’s hat games are the perfect hand and eye coordination activities that are easy but still challenging. Increase difficulty by increasing the distance needed to ring a hat. Also consider adding more hats and placing them closer together to make the game easier for young children.

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