Halloween Pumpkin Bowling Game

Supplies: Small Pumpkins for kids, can go larger for teens / adults, if using 2 liter soda bottles – 6 or 10 bottles, spray paint, black marker, gravel / sand to place in bottom of bottle, or paper towels – 6 or 10 rolls, print out of pumpkin faces, tape, space for bowling

Halloween Pumpkin Bowling Game Prep
1. Decide how many pins. For young kids we recommend 6 pins and for older kids and adults 10 pins.
2a. If using 2 liter bottles decorate to look like ghosts. Take white spray paint and spray bottles and after they dry use marker to draw ghost faces. Then add about 1/2 inch of gravel (maybe more) to the bottom so it has some weight, you’ll want some resistance so they just don’t all fall over. Another option add gravel first and put lid back on, then use glue and tissue paper to cover bottle and decorate.
2b. If using paper towels, print out pumpkin faces, cut out and then tape the pumpkin faces on the paper towels.
3. Set up your bowling alley. For young kids consider 5 – 8 feet in length and for older kids consider 10-15 feet.
4. For young kids you might want to mark off a box outside the pin area and if any pins got outside that area still standing they are considered knocked down.
5. Set up your pins like bowling pins with 1 in front, 2 in the second row, 3 in the third row and 4 in the last row if you use 10 pins. Make sure you have space between the pins, we suggest you use masking tape to make sure the location of the pins are the same for each bowler.
6. Last decide whether you want to give players two or one chance to bowl. Party Game Ideas favors one bowl per turn as it is simple and faster.

How to Play Pumpkin Bowling
1. Divide students and guests into several groups or teams, 3-6 each. Teams should have the same number of players.
2. Each child is given a pumpkin and instructed to bowl it down the alley and try to knock over as many ghosts as possible. Before you begin have an adult do a practice bowl.
3. Each child from a team takes a turn bowling their pumpkin.
4. If Halloween Pumpkin Bowling as an activity give out a candy prize for strikes and if playing as team record how many pins are knocked over by each player.
5. Total up each teams total score and the team with most points wins.

Kids Pumpkin Bowling

Halloween Pumpkins Bowling is easy and fun for kids and adults. When we ran through the pumpkin bowling game process it took us about 30-45 min to get everything done. We went with paper towels because they are ready to go, we can use them during or after the party and all we had to do was print out pumpkin faces, cut them out and use tape to stick them to the towels and ta-da we had our ghosts.

The cutting out of the pumpkin faces took the longest, but we suggest if you have kids you print them out and ask them to do the cutting.

The one suggestion we would make is get small pumpkins for pumpkin bowling and don’t let the kids throw them from their waist or you’ll have broken pumpkins. Have extras just in case some break, but be sure to bowl an example so they don’t throw them down the bowling lanes.

Enjoy and have fun Pumpkin Bowling.

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