Halloween Corners Party Game

Supplies: Halloween Pictures, music and a room / space to place images on the wall/corners

Halloween Corners Game Prep
1. Get at least 4 Halloween images / pictures
2. Tape one image to different corners or areas of the room.
3. Have container and place the name of each Halloween image on a piece of paper and drop into the container.
4. Have music and a way to turn it on and off during game play.

How to Play Halloween Corners
1. Turn on the music and have the kids walk in a circle or randomly walk around the room.
2. Then stop the music. When the music stops, each child selects a corner and goes and stand by that Halloween image.
3. Once everyone has selected a corner, the Game Host randomly pulls a piece of paper that has the corners images/names on them from a bowl and states that image name.
4. All player who choose that Halloween corner are now out of the game!
5. Start the music back up and continue to play until there is one person left and they win a prize.

Halloween Corner Game Tips
1. As the player number dwindles, start pulling corner images, so they have fewer choices. It keeps the game moving and works well when you get less than 6 players.
2. Make sure that when you are under 4 players that they don’t all choose the same corner. If they do, just start the music and make them select again.
3. This is a great all play game that anyone can play whether 3, 23 or 73! Families often enjoy playing as a group.
4. Halloween Corners can be played several times and most kids will ask to play it again.

Printable Halloween Corners
We know you are short on time, so we created 6 Halloween Corner images that you can use for your game. This is part of a 3 Halloween Game pack of kids games and activities. Halloween Corner images are large 1 page images that include Witch, Ghost, Mummy, Jack-O-Lantern, Monster and Black Cat. Print the ones you like and get ready to play. Just purchase and the PDF file will be emailed to you. You will need Adobe to print the file.

Halloween Games - 3 Pack - Halloween Corners, Memory Match, Who Am I?Halloween Corners
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IT IS NOT PART of The Halloween Party Pack
That is a different Company – Halloween Corners is part of Party Game Ideas printable Kids 3 Game Pack.

Halloween Corners
1 of 3 Game Kids Pack

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Halloween Corners is and easy and fun game to play. I remember playing it at the skating rink as a kid and once you add music, the fun of picking the right corner and that it takes no skill – Every one has fun playing.

The other great thing about Halloween Corners is that yo can play this with 12, 20, 30 or 100 kids and quickly get down to one winner or even a group of winners quickly. You can play with 4 corners or stretch the game out by starting with 6 corners. However if you do play with 6 corners, we would recommend you select two groups to be eliminated per round until you get down to 20 or less players.

We added the Halloween Corner images which are large one page image of Witch, Jack-O-Lantern, Black Cat and others to this Game Pack because it makes life and saves you time. These games use similar images and work for kids 3 – 8.

We hope you enjoy our Halloween Corners game and share it on social media.

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