Halloween Candy Hunt Game

Supplies: Plastic Halloween prizes, favors, items, wrapped candy or use plastic pumpkin candy holders or paint Easter eggs black and orange and fill with prizes, large room or outdoor space. Bag for collecting candy

Halloween Candy Hunt is simply a Halloween Easter Egg Hunt, but without the Easter Eggs. Instead kids search for Halloween candy and fun prizes. Easy and fun for young children between 3 – 6 years old.

Halloween Candy Hunt Game Prep
1. Get Halloween favors or candy, that can be scattered around an area / outdoor space. Consider Halloween themed containers or orange and black Easter eggs to made items easier to spot. (Shown in picture: Shop – Skeleton Easter Eggs )
2. Identify the area you want to hold your Halloween Candy Hunt and scatter Halloween items around the area. The older the kids the more you can hide the items.
3. Determine how to start the game. If all the kids are the same age, release them all at the same time. However if you have kids a few years apart give the younger kids a 15-30 second head start.

How to Play Halloween Candy Hunt
1. Let the kids know they are going on a Halloween Hunt and give them Halloween bags or containers to place the candy and prizes in.
2. For young children show examples of the items they are looking for; pumpkins, candy, orange eggs.
3. Identify the area they will be searching and review how the game will start. (All at once or delayed.)
4. Once the kids are released, the Halloween Hunt continues until all the items have been found or a predetermined time limit like 5 minutes. (Adjust as needed)

Halloween Hunt Options
1. Increase the fun by adding a Special Pumpkin that if found equals a special prize.
2. If older kids, you can get more competitive and play most collected wins. Then award prizes to those that get the most.
3. Randomly mark a few items, that result in special bonus prizes.
4. If kids are 5 and older, you can play in the dark and hand out flashlights for the Hunt.

The goal of a Halloween Hunt for young kids is fun and running around, while we totally understand being competitive that isn’t that focus of this game. This is an easy to adapt Halloween activity that can be played with 3 or 20 kids. Just be sure to have enough items so everyone finds something.

Toy-Filled Jack-O'-Lanterns work well for Halloween Hunts and they are ready to go. And we found the - Skeleton Easter Eggs too!

Friendly & Spooky Halloween Candy
for party guests or trick-or-treaters.

Halloween party games for before or after the Halloween Candy Hunt. 

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