Halloween Survivor
Supplies: Vary based on challenges you select

Halloween Survivor is a creative Halloween party game where players are eliminated in groups or one at a time. In order not to have the game go on to long find a way to eliminate groups of kids each round. Another option is do three or four rounds and have the the top 1 or 2 people move to the finals for a final challenge.

While we list lots of rounds of game ideas, our visitors suggest that you want to keep the game to between 4 and 6 total rounds.

Start by writing everyone’s name down so you can keep track of who’s still in the game and who is out. There are several variables you’ll need to determine for a successful Halloween Survivor Game.

1. You’ll need to decide how many challenge rounds you would like to have. If you do round per person you may never finish. So we recommend 1 challenge round for every 2 people expected at the party. If the group is large have one challenge for every 3 or 4 people.

2. Determine challenges – Challenges can be athletic but avoid anything to crazy. Know that the winner or winners of the challenges get immunity and can’t be out of the game during that round. Examples of challenges:
a. Play some of the games listed at the GiftIdeaCenter
b. Unscramble jumbled Halloween terms – first to finish wins
See how many words can be created from a Halloween term – set a 1-2 minute time limit to complete (easier if you only count words that are 4 letters or more)
c. Shoot a foul shots, toss a ball into a basket placed 6 – 12 feet away
d. Play a round like the Scategories game using Halloween terms
e. Ask Halloween trivia questions with A, B, C, or D answers, the guests have cards and show the answer they think is correct – if correct they stay in if incorrect they are out of this round
f. Musical chairs…
You get the idea – mix up the games so that different people might win the rounds.

3. Determine how many contestants will receive immunity each round.
At the beginning of the game, you may want 2 guest to receive immunity, but when you get down to 4 – 5 you may only want 1. There is no immunity when only 2 people are left.
Note: Immunity means that the person receiving immunity during that round will remain in the game.

4. How do people get kicked out of the game
After every challenge there will be 1 or 2 people with immunity, the rest of the game players are up for leaving the game. Depending on how many challenges you have either 1 or 2 people will need to exit the game each round. Instead of voting someone out, it will be determined randomly. Get a deck of cards – select numbered cards as safe cards and Jacks as cards that mean the “ghouls or goblins” have spoken and you are out of the game. The number of Jacks used is determine by how many players need to leave the game each round.

Halloween Survivor – The Process 
1. Have a challenge that results in a winner or winners
2. The winners receive immunity and automatically move to the next round
3. The other contestants will be dealt cards – to see who leaves the game
4. Those that get a Jack must leave the game
5. Repeat step 1 through 4 and continue until only 2 players remain

With 2 players remaining you have options: 
A. 1 final challenge – winner takes all and they receive a prize/gift
B. Both of them are declared Halloween Survivors/Winners
C. The remaining guests vote on which player has the best costume (might be a popularity contest)
D. Be creative and come up with your own finish

Thanks Amy F. – Lewsisburg, PA

Survivor Variation
Make the last round of the survivor contest a relay type thing, like: The two contestants left pick a team. The best at athletics could do some athletic thing. The smartest could do Halloween math. and so on… The challenges could be made up according to the talents of the contestants!
Thanks – Celia, Ontario – Canada

Add a Haunted Theme to Each Activity
Want to make each challenge a little more entertaining, then have the losers be victims of a specific monster or scary movie character. Here are some bad guys and gals to use: Frankenstein, Dracula, Wicked Witch from the West, Freddy Kruger, Wolfman, etc… this add to the idea of being a survivor.