Build a Scarecrow Silly Kid’s Party Game

Supplies: Old clothes, hats, old pillowcases, pillows, string, markers, hats, newspapers or corn stalks

Build a Scarecrow Game Prep
1. Gather old clothes, pillowcases, pillows, newspapers and even corn stalks if you have them, markers and string. You may want to include a sheet of paper for the face rather than have guests use a marker on the face.
2. Place all the clothes in one area of the room. and filler items – newspaper, corn stalks and pillows in another area.

How to Play Build a Scarecrow
Divide you guests into groups and let them know they will have 15 minutes to create the scariest, funniest or silliest scarecrow.  Note: If you have 4 teams try to have 6 – 8 pants, shirts, and clothing items so the kids don’t fight over the items. Don’t have items, then ask other parents if they can help or visit a thrift store.

Guests must then create the desired scarecrow using the items given in 15 minutes. If you have the materials you may want to give them scarecrow poles to or if you do this outside have sticks or broomsticks that they can use.

Once the 15 minutes are up, there scarecrow must be presented for judging to determine the winner. Judge them based on – How well they are put together. How likely they are to scare off crows. How well did it fit the theme. Once done use them for props and place the winning scarecrow on the front lawn.

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