Halloween Bean Bag Toss Games for Kids

Supplies: Bean bags (6) and other supplies vary by game

The best part about Halloween and bean bag toss games are that there are quite a few game options. So our goal is to give you a variety of ideas some you can have a fun Bean bag Toss game for your group.

Trick or Treat Bag Bean Bag Toss
Purchase sturdy Trick or Treat bags that can stand on their own or Halloween themed pails or pumpkins. Place on type of candy in one bag, maybe another candy in another, prizes in another, and maybe have one as a special surprise bag. (Don’t let them know! If someone gets that bag they get a that prize!) Add some tissue paper so the top remains open (so bags doesn’t fold over) and so the kids can’t see what is inside.

Now have kids select numbers out of a hat to determine who will go first. The kids line up at a throw line and Trick or Treat bags are scattered about in front of them.

The kids then are given a bean bag and throw for one of the treat bags. If they get it in the treat bag, then they win an items from that bag, if they miss they go to they end of the line and the next child goes. Play until each child has one item.

If you want you can let them see what is inside so they can aim for the prize or candy they want or it can be random.

Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss
Purchase a variety of plastic pumpkins (5 is a good amount) now add a little weight to the bottom so the bean bags don’t knock them over and set them haphazardly at varying distances from the throw line.

Now add point values to each pumpkin. The further away the higher the point value. So you could place pumpkins at 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 feet away and point values could 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 points or you could have the 2 closest pumpkins be 1 point each, the next 2 pumpkins 2 points each and the farther pumpkin 3 points.

You can play this game as teams or as individuals.
– As Individuals, each child gets 3 bean bags per turn and throws the bean bags at the pumpkins. After the throw you score the points and the first child to 25 points wins! (Adjust points as needed)
– As Teams, divide the guests into teams. A player from team 1 will go to the throw line and throw 3 bean bags – then you will score results. Then the next team takes a turn and you score their results. Each team player gets to go twice and the team with the highest score wins. Add a round if a tie or as needed.

Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss Relay
Take the 2 plastic pumpkins and place them a challenging distance from the throw line. The older the kids the further the distance you will want to place the pumpkins. (5, 8, 10, 12 or 15 feet are good distances)

Now divide the guests into teams and let them know that each team will be given two bean bags and must toss the bean bag in the Halloween pumpkin.

– If a player throws the 1st bean bag and make the toss – then they can give the second bean bag to the next person and they can start their turn.
– If a player, tosses the 1st bean bag and misses and makes the 2nd bean bag, then they must race to the pumpkin collect the bean bags, return to the start line and give them to the next player.
– If a player misses on both the 1st and 2nd bean bag them they must go retrieve the bean bags and try again.
– And lastly if a player lands their 1st bean bag and the next player sinks their bean bag in the pumpkin too. Then the 2nd player who sinks the bean bag in the pumpkin needs to retrieve the bean bags for the next player.

The first team to have everyone compete the task wins.

Pumpkin Toss Elimination 
Teams try to elimination each other by taking out each others players.

You need two teams of 5 each and 2 sets of 5 pumpkin / pail containers.
Lay out a throw line and stagger 5 containers about 8 – 15 feet away. One lane for each team.

The first player from Team 1 steps up and throws for the pumpkins in Lane Two and the first player from Team 2 takes their turn aiming for the pumpkins in Lane One. If the Team 1 players sinks a bean bag in a team 2 pumpkin/pail then that pumpkin/pail is removed from the game and the Player 2 person who played that round is eliminated.
If the player from Team 2 misses the pumpkins, then the player from Team 1 stays in the games.

Play continues until one team is eliminated.

Halloween Scene Bean Bag Toss Game
Get a large piece of cardboard or wood (if you have the tools) and create a Halloween scene involving ghosts, vampires or monsters at a house, graveyard or in the forest. You can have decorating it. Now you will also need to cut out holes for the been bags to go through and assign point values to each hole. If all the holes are the same size the points should be the same for each hole. If the holes vary in size, then small holes would have higher point values and larger holes would have lower point values.

Point values can be 1, 2, and 3 or 5, 10 and 15 – it’s your choice.

Now you can have each child throw the bean bags just for fun or you can record score and award prizes. You can also play this as a team game too.

Our printable Halloween games make party activities easy.