Frankenstein Relay Race for Halloween Parties

Supplies: Start line / Finish line, 2 or more obstacles (cone, Halloween item), excited kids

Frankenstein Relay Game Prep
1. Create a Start / Finish Line and place a obstacle (cone, pumpkin, animated zombie!) about 20 feet away.
2. You need to create a lane for each team and each team will need their own obstacle.
3. Divide guests into 2 or more teams. Teams of 4-8 seem to work best, if you have lots of guests consider 3 teams per game or play several rounds so everyone can play.

How to Play Frankenstein Relay
1. Instruct the participants that they must start at the starting line and then go around the obstacle (Pumpkins work great) and return to the start line and tag the next player so they can do the same thing.
2. Sounds simple right? Then tell them they must do this task by walking like Frankenstein. Their arms must be up and they are not allowed to bend their knees while walking. Adults should do a Frankenstein walk example, so they understand.
3. If players are caught bending their knees or not having their arms out, the game host can send that player back to the starting line to begin again.
4. The first team to have everyone complete the Frankenstein Relay wins.

Thanks B Lopez – Waco, TX

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