Halloween Story Game
Supplies: Create beginning of a story, mail to attendees, get story endings from guests

The Halloween Story game takes a little planning and requires creative types to step up and take action but the results can be pretty amazing and a unique treat for all who participate and listen.

Each year we have a huge Halloween party for our kids, one year, we sent the beginning of a ghoulish story with the invitation and asked that the party guests to finish the story and bring it to our Halloween party. The story can be about a haunted house, Halloween mystery or anything creative.

During the party we dimmed the lights and read the original part of the story. Then one by one each guest read the story endings. Once they were read we voted for the best, weirdest, and scariest stories. I still have the ones the kids did and love to reread them at Halloween, even though it has been years. Hope this will help others out there have a spooky Halloween.
Thanks Judy – Vernon, NY

Feedback – Halloween Story Game

How long and complex should the story be? Should we limit the length?
Carly – San Antonio, TX

Party Game Ideas response:
This was a game suggestion and the Halloween Story Game is open to interpretation. Here are some ideas for story length and instructions for guests.
a. Provide guests with 1-2 paragraphs to start the story.
Include the location – Haunted house, abandoned hotel, cemetery, school, castle, etc.
Include 2-4 initial main characters – Friends, couples, cousins, co-workers
Include what are they doing / purpose behind them being there.
Last a step off point – This is line that provides them with a moment to begin their story.

This can be something like – And then the lights went out or They slowing turned the handle or Then, in the distance, they saw…

Once the party host has provided the lead in, ask your guests to finish the story by adding their own ending. Let them know that 1 or 2 paragraphs should be enough to finish the story of your characters.

Adjust as needed, but this should give you a good format to work with.
Sarah – Party Game Ideas