Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt
Supplies: Phone, list of scavenger hunt items

Each year we have a big Halloween Party and one of our favorite events is the photo Halloween Scavenger Hunt.

We team people up in groups of 4 – 8 people and send them out in their Halloween costumes with a list of Halloween Scavenger Hunt items they need to try to get photos of using their phones. These items are in different order so that the teams are not doing the same thing at the same time.

Each team dressed in Halloween costumes races around town to get photos at landmarks, with police officers, bouncers, next to funny signs, at a restaurant, etc… Once they get everything completed they return to the house with the photos. First team to return with everything completed (photos taken) is the winner.

As the teams return I download the photos and create a slide show and let it run on my computer throughout the evening. Everyone loves it and they all share and tell stories about their adventure.
– Consider creating a unique Instagram # like #CookParty17 – That way every photo can be tagged and viewed.

If you want to make things more difficult, make the list clues as to where they need to go to take the photo rather than just saying go to this place to take a photo. Adapt for your crew and have fun.
Thanks – Jodee

Feedback – Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt

We played this game and recommend that you keep everything within walking distance of your house. What we did was walk a 3 – 4 block area around our home and took photos of Halloween props, unique displays, signs and landmarks and marked where they where on a map. We mapped everything so that we had a god mix of items from various streets.

On the night of the party we gave groups 3-4 people a photo list and told them to get selfie style photos with these items in the photo. We did not do people. Each team was given 40 minutes, which meant no team would get them all but they would all find some. It was great fun.
AJ – Venice, FL

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Variation

Video Scavenger Hunt
Instead of photos each group is given a list of things to do and record on video.

Create two or three teams depending on how many participate in the costume scavenger hunt. Each team will a video camera / phone to record the scavenger hunt and they get an hour (can be adjusted) to complete various tasks and get select items.

Here are some task ideas:
Have your group do the Thriller dance in a public location.
Find a stranger and ask them to select the best costume in your group.
Go to a grave yard and find a specific name on a tomb stone.
Take a video with a Taxi or bus driver.
Find a cop in a donut shop and get a video with him.
Go to a grocery store find out how much a specific item cost.
Go to a bar find out how many brands of beer they serve.
Find a stranger who will let you wrap them up in toilet paper like a mummy on video.
And so on…

When the teams get back we have the most fun watching the videos, especially the people who came to the party that didn’t go out on the Scavenger hunt!
Thanks, Brian – Cleveland