Make a Monster Game
Supplies: Magazines (with lots of people in them), paper, glue, scissors

Break your guests into teams and tell them that they are going to Make a Monster. Now give each group a variety of magazines, paper, glue (glue stick) and scissors and tell them they must make monsters from the contents of the magazines.

Then tell them how many and what type of monsters you want. (Print on sheet of paper)
Example: 3 Monsters & 1 Monster face

Tell them to use different body parts (legs, arms, head, feet, etc… to make
1. Scary Monster
2. Funny Monster
3. Bad Fashion Monster (target one to your theme/attendees)
4. Create a face monster cut out different eyes, lips, nose, hair to make this monster.

Give each team a time limit 10, 15, or 20 minutes (5 minutes per monster) and send them off to create their Monsters.

Once time is up call then back and have each team present their monsters based on the category and parents can independently judge you monsters and select a winner for each category. This is a fun activity and does not require a prize.

To accommodate young kids have adults cut out various body parts in advance and just have the kids put the pieces of the monster together. (This removes the scissors issue)
Thanks, Marcia B