Untangle the Spider Web Games

These two spider web games are best as a small group type of activity.
Recommended for groups of 10 and less.
Require ADULT Supervision through the entire game.
Best as an activity than a game.
Games can take 5 – 30 minutes

The Giant Spider Web
Submitted by Amber
Supplies: Yarn, plastic spider rings, prizes – candy

First remove anything that could get damaged from the room.

Then get started by draping a really long piece of yarn across a room (wrapped gently around couches, chairs, furniture, etc.) this will be used to form the base of the to spider web.

Then determine how many guests will be attending the party as you will need 1 extremely long piece of yarn (several yards) for each guest. At one end you will tie the spiders ring and the other a prize or note revealing their prize. Hide the “prize” end somewhere in the room and start wrapping the yarn around the existing web base. Repeat with all the other pieces of yarn so that when you are done, you should have all the spider ring ends at one end of the room, all the yarn in a tangled web in the middle of the room and the “prize” end of each piece hidden in the room.

Now when you are ready to play this game invite all the guests into the room and ask them to pick a spider. Now all the guests have to do is start with the spider and somehow untangle their piece of yarn from the rest of the web to get to the other end (stepping over, under, and basically getting tangled in the spider web)….and ultimately, the PRIZE!

This is a way to keep the kids busy and occupied for quite some time. Remember the move difficult the web the longer it will take them to untangle it.


Make a Spider Web
Submitted by Jane K.
Supplies: Different colored yarns and time (can take an hour or more to untangle) 

Gather all the children round in a large circle and give them all a ball of wool each. Try to use different colored wool as this makes a much more interesting web. Get each child to tie the end of the wool loosely around their waist. When everyone is done, each person throws their ball of wool to anyone else in the circle, preferably all at the same time. They then put the wool around their waist and throw it to someone else. This carries on until they run out of wool.

To add a little spice, they can wrap the wool around legs, arms, etc. At the end what they have created is a massive multi colored spider’s web which they can’t get out of very easily. Hours of fun and entertainment and if you’re really lucky they will spend the next hour trying to free themselves!

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