Halloween Puzzle Relay Game

Supplies: Envelope, 1 Halloween puzzle per guest, candy, Halloween costume accessories or candy, basic craft supplies

There are two versions of this game Halloween Puzzle Relay which only involves puzzles and Monster Puzzle Relay which involves puzzle and Halloween costume items / props.

Halloween Puzzle Relay Game Prep
1. Find various Halloween images, print 2 of each image. Images can be pumpkins, costumes, decorations, monsters and so on – they shouldn’t be a dark, foggy forest but one simple concept. You will need at least one image envelope per guest and at least two or three extra in case extra people show up or if you need to have a tie-breaker round.
Note: If you have difficult finding images try to have at least 6 different ones that you can re-use during the game.
2. Take each image (you should have 2 of each), take a picture of the image as a master, and cut each one into the same amount of rectangles or squares either 9, 12 or even 15 if your guests are 10 and older. Once you have cut up the image, place in an envelope and note what the image is – Witch, Pumpkin, Vampire and so on and create Pile A and Pile B.
3. Set a start line and a place where guests will put together puzzles, like a table or tv tray.
4. Also have two Puzzle Judges, one for each team, that will confirm that the puzzle was put together properly.

How to Play Halloween Puzzle Relay
1. Divide guests into teams. Two teams works best, but if you have a large group play two rounds and then the winner of each round goes to the final game.
2. Explain how to play Halloween Puzzle Relay
Teams will line up at the start line and when the host say Go!, the first player will proceed to the table, open their Team’s envelope and work as quickly as possible to put the puzzle together. Once they think they have the Halloween Puzzle done they must ask a Puzzle Judge to confirm the Puzzle. A Thumb Up means Approved – A Thumb Down means something is wrong.

If the the player gets a Thumb Up the must then place the puzzle pieces back into the envelope and hand it to the Puzzle Judge and head back to the Start line where they can tag the next player on the team to go. At this point the Puzzle Judge sets down the new puzzle for the next player to solve.
Note: If you don’t have a lot of images the Puzzle Judge will need to mix up the solved puzzle pieces in the envelope prior to that puzzle being used again.
3. This Halloween Puzzle process continues until all players on one team have correctly solved the puzzle and returned to the Start line. They Won.
Note: If playing several rounds, try to have a few new puzzles so the odds are reduced that a player will get the same puzzle twice.

Just like in the Puzzle Relay above you will need images, but in Monster Puzzle Relay you will need monster images.

Monster Puzzle Relay Game Prep
1. You will need monster images like the other game.
2. Here is the difference – You need 3 items that represent each Monster for the game.
If you have a lot of props and costumes great, if not consider playing with monsters but using the first version.
Note: You can always note strange things that you have, whether they relate to the monster or not. So you could have a Vampire get a toothbrush, mouthwash and a blanket from the pile if that is what you have. Anything can work!
3. Draw or find a picture of a monster – Vampire, Ghost, Witch, Frankenstein, Devil, etc… now before you cut it up into a puzzle you have to make a decision. You need to decide whether you want to list 3 items the teams need to find or whether you will let them find items in a pile that relate to each monster. So wait to cut up until you have your accessories.
4. Place all your monster accessories / items together in a laundry basket or bag prior to the party.

How to Play Monster Puzzle Relay
To play divide your guests up into 2 to 4 teams and let them know that team members will need to do the following:
First: Solve the Mystery Monster Puzzle
Second: Find three items (costume accessories or candy) from the costume accessories / items pile that relates to each monster or was noted on their puzzle.
Third: Once items are approved, they return the items to the pile and then tag the next team member
First team to have all team members complete the tasks wins!

– Try to have 1 monster per child, however if this doesn’t work have at least 6 and recycle the monster puzzle during the game.
– If you don’t have the 3 costume accessories, then add some fun. List 3 things that must be found on the puzzle sheet, this way you can include items you have. Example: Vampire puzzle can list the exact items or clues to those items in bottom corner the Vampire’s favorite food as Butterfingers, Red Hots and Snickers – Then the children must go and find those favorite foods and bring them back. Increase difficulty based on age.
– You can place all the Halloween accessories / candy in one pile or place candy in bags so they have to search for all candy by looking in each bag.
Thanks, Laura

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