Spooky Walk – Musical Chairs Styled Game

Supplies: Cut out pictures, protective plastic sleeves (if placing on the floor), craft supplies, music

A musical chairs type game but without the running and pushing. A fun and random game that the kids will want to play several times.

Spooky Walk Game Prep
1. Cut out pumpkins, witches, ghosts, brooms, scarecrows, and other Halloween symbols. You’ll need 1 item per child attending. If you run out of ideas put 2 pumpkins together, 2 witches etc…
2. Take images and place around a table or in a circle on the floor. If placed on the floor, use protective plastic sleeves so that the image does not rip if stepped on.
3. On slips of paper write down one image per slip, do this for each image, and place into a bowl.

How to Play Spooky Walk 
1. Set up the images on a table or floor and ask the kids to stand next to an image.
2. Let them know that when the music starts they will walk around the circle and when the music stops. Stop at the image they are at, standing beside it. Note there can only be one person at each image.
3. Then from a hat or jar draw out the name of one of images, like pumpkin.
4. The person standing next to the pumpkin image is now out of the game and the image is removed from the circle.
5. Repeat this process until there is only one child left. They are the winner. Set up and play again.

Thanks, McKenna

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