Pumpkin Smash – Halloween Balloon Game

Supplies: Orange balloons, ribbon, shoes and 2 or 3 black sharpies

Pumpkin Smash Game Prep
1. Blow up orange / Halloween balloons. (We recommend you get good balloons)
2. Tie off and then tie a foot long piece (can be longer) of ribbon around the end of the balloon.
3. Optional – Take a Sharpie marker and carefully draw a Pumpkin Face on the balloon.
4. Prior to game player have players tie a balloon, using the ribbon, around one or both ankles.
We like one ankle, because if you have extra balloons you can play more than once.

How to Play Pumpkin Smash
1. Once everyone has tied their balloon around their ankle, share the rules.
2. When the Party Host says Go! Each player tries to run around and step on each others pumpkins (balloons). Also let them know – No grabbing other players clothes and No grabbing balloons with your hands.
3. Once a players Pumpkin is popped, then they are out of the game.
4. Play Pumpkin Smash until there is only one person left with a balloon.

If you play outside the ground or sticks might cause the balloons to pop and so players need to be careful.

Pumpkin Smash Variations

Battle Zone Pumpkin Smash with Teams
Create the pumpkin balloons and tie them around the ankle as noted above. In this version you can have all orange balloons, but depending on the age of the kids it might be easier to have each team use a different balloon color.

1. Rather then have all the kids play at once divide the guests into 3 or 4 teams.
2. Create a game boundary,  this area is known as the “Pumpkin Smash Battle Zone.” It can be a yard or a lined off area with cones or tape a 20 by 20 ft square area would work well (adjust as you need).
3. Place teams on different sides of the playing area and have them line up.

4. When the Party Host says Go! one person (first in line) from of each team enters the Pumpkin Smash Battle Zone.
5. These 3 or 4 players (depends on how many teams) will try to pop as many of the competitor’s pumpkin balloons as possible, while trying to keep their balloon (pumpkin) from getting popped.
6. Once a player’s balloon is popped, that player returns to their team, tags the next player and that player enters the Battle Zone.
7. The Game continues until only one Team has balloon pumpkins left on their feet.

Version Two:
5a. One member from each team enters the Pumpkin Smash Battle Zone. (So 3 or 4 people.)
6a. Play until only one person has a balloon left and that Team earns a point.
7a. Send in the next player from each team and play again and award a point to the winner of that round.
8a. Continue until all players have played and the team with the most points wins.
In case of a tie, send in all the players from both teams and the last team standing wins.

We like the idea of playing several rounds of Battle Pumpkin Smash, that way everyone will get a turn to play.
Play several rounds until one team has won three times which makes it more competitive.

Thanks – Siena

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