Vampire Pass the Apples Game

Supplies: Apples and active kids

Sometimes the easiest party games are some of the most fun.

Vampire Pass the Apples is the classic apple / orange game where you must pass the apple from neck to neck without using your hands. It is challenging, silly and often really hard!

Vampire Pass the Apples is the perfect Halloween / Fall / Autumn Festival game that all ages can play and isn’t tied directly to Halloween. It is also an excellent activity to play when kids are not wearing costumes.

So what do you need to play Pass the Apples?
Dense, firm apples. That is it!
Also consider medium size apples, while it might seem strange you may want to test one under your neck to see if it is a good size. You just don’t want really large apples.

How do you Play Pass the Apples
1. Divide into teams of 6 – 8 people.
2. Explain How to play.
The first person should wedges the apples between their chin and neck. Then they need to turn around to the next person in line and without using their hands transfer the apple from the first person to the second person in line without dropping it. The best way to do this is to act like a Vampire and make it look like you are taking a big bite out of their neck! Be warned, if the apple drops during any part of the game you must start from the beginning again.

Once the second person has the apple then they must turn to the third person and transfer it to them. This continues until the first team successfully transfers the apple from the first person on the team to the last person on the team without the apple falling to the floor. They are the winners.

Vampire Apple Pass Game can be made more challenging by having guests pass the apples from the front to the back of the line and then pass it back to the front again!


Pass the Apples Variation

Not a fan of going neck to neck with classmates, co-workers or friends, then consider this variation.

1. Set a starting line and a mid-point line.
2. You can have a lot of two person teams if an outdoor space or create even numbered teams of 6 or 8.
3. At the starting line, each team will be given an apple. Two players from each team will need to place the apple between them and walk from the Start line to the mid-point line and then return to the Start line without dropping the apple.
4. Here is the kicker the apple has to be carried between the two players. Options:
a. Chin Player 1 (apple) chin Player 2
b. Elbow Player 1 (apple) elbow Player 2
c. Hip Player 1 (apple) hip Player 2

Each one creates unique challenges. If you are not sure, do a test run and then decide.

If you play Two Person Teams the first team to finish the task without dropping the apple wins.
If you play Teams (6-8 people), the first team to have all members complete the task wins.

After passing the apples, consider these printable party games for your Halloween event.