Fast Paced Halloween Roll the Dice Game

This Halloween dice game is great for kids, families and even adults. Every player will roll the dice and follow the instructions on the game sheet.

This is game is a little more active then are single die game. Plus you have more candy game actions which can including passing, taking, returning and even having your turn skipped!

We created the printable Halloween Roll-the-Dice Game and bundled it with two other dice games, so you can play some different games involving dice. What is nice is that you can print out the master rules sheet for yourself and then print out the smaller Roll the Dice game sheets to give to each player. This way they will know what to do after they roll the dice.

Halloween Roll the Dice Printable Game
This printable Halloween dice game includes a full sheet printable and 4 per page game sheets to give to each player. You provide the dice and the candy. As an added Bonus, you get Candy Dice Game and Monster Dash. Both games involve dice.

Halloween Roll the Dice Game Printable Candy Game
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Printable Game Pack includes:
Halloween Roll the Dice – Full page & 4 per page game sheet
Candy Bowl Game – Full page & 4 per page game sheet
• A similar game but this dice game is better for younger kids.
Monster Dash – Full page & 2 per page game sheet
• Be first to have your monster cross the finish line first to win.
Rules & Instructions for each game.

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DIY dice game information below.

Candy Dice Game Notes & Comments
• This is an easy Halloween game to put together. You just need game sheets, candy, a die, and kids that enjoy Halloween candy.

• Get a mix of Halloween candies. So get a variety pack and consider weaving in a mix of gross Halloween candy or even party favors like temporary tattoos just for fun.

• How long does the Roll-the-Dice Game take to play?
The length of game play will depend on the number of players and age. Often groups of 5 and less take 5-8 minutes, where groups of 6 and more can run 10-15 minutes.

• Recommended for adults, families, and kids 7 and up.

•  Want a candy dice game for teens and adults where 1 person wins all the candy? Let check out our Candy Bowl Dice Game.

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Roll the Dice Party Game for Halloween Candy Fun

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