90 Baby Shower Charades & Pictionary Cards
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Baby Shower Charades is a fun and great game to play at co-ed showers and for gals that have high energy. We check out a lot of printable Baby Shower Charade games online from free one to some costing as much as $10, and notice one common thread. Almost every charade had the word “Baby” on it.

Party Game Ideas came up with 90 charades and 74 do not have the word baby included, but each charade relates to the mom-to-be and pregnancy, having the baby, shower gifts, life with baby, nursery rhymes and fun phrases. Just think of the fun shower guests will have acting out “Snot Sucker,” “Baby Peed on Me,” “Diaper Blowout,” and “I’m a Little Teapot.” We tried to include terms that would be silly and entertaining to act out, so that your Baby Shower is a blast.

Printable Baby Shower Charades Game
Baby Shower Charades and Pictionary comes with 90 charade cards and 6 blank cards, so you can add your own terms if you wish. Just purchase and download PDF file link will be emailed to you. .

90 Baby Shower Charades
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90 Baby Shower Charades Cards
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Our Baby Shower Charades and Pictionary game includes a mix of use and challenging charade cards. The terms are pretty common so teenagers to grandma should be able to play with ease. Quick Tip: Before playing charades just go through the list and if you see something that you feel doesn’t work or you don’t want to include just remove those cards and add in a few of your own. With 90 Baby Shower Charade cards there is a lot to work with and it is easy to adjust for your co-ed or female baby shower.

Estimated Length of Baby Advice Game: 20 – 40 minutes

Baby Shower Charades is the easy way to have a great time and with our charades cards, you won’t be having people yelling out baby every single time and being correct. Our take on Baby Shower Charades and Pictionary is keep it simple, make it fun and choose words or phrases that can be acted out. We seriously want to see the person who must act out the baby peeing on them and snot sucker and diaper blowout. It makes us laugh just thinking about it and we think it will make you, the mom-to-be and your guests laugh too. 

We hope you purchase and enjoy our Baby Shower Charades and have fun acting our and drawing these game cards. Enjoy the memories with the new mom and/or parents, and thank you for letting us share the moment with you.