Guess the Baby Food Game
Supplies: Variety of baby food 8 – 12 jars, paper to cover jars , spoons, numbers, pen and paper

How good are your taste buds? Well with Guess the Baby Food, you’ll challenge guests to see if they have the best palette in your group and can properly identify a variety of baby foods like squash, apple, pears, peas and more. A fun game for the ladies but even more of a treat during couples showers when the men get to play.

Guess the Baby Food Game Prep & Play 
a. Get 8-12 different baby foods. (Peas, sweet potato, pears…).

b. Now grab a sheet of paper and pencil to create the master Guess the Baby Food answer sheet and number it from 1 to however many types of baby food you have for the game. Randomly take the first jar of baby food, write down the name of the fruit or vegetable beside one of the numbers. Then cover with paper or remove the label of the baby food so the name and contents are can not be seen. Once that is completed, then write the number you assigned to that spice to the outside of the container or use a sticker on the outside of the jar. We found writing the numbers on stickers and then placing the stickers on the container was easiest. It is also helpful to have the number on the table in front of the baby food during game play.

c. Once all of the jars of baby food have be assigned a number, create your game sheet. Your Guess the Baby Food game sheet should include a place for guests to put their name and then a numbers for the baby food and a blank space beside the number. Print out one sheet per player.

d. Game set up; place the baby food on a table / counter top area, jars should be 1-2 feet apart if possible. You want space between them so players are not on top of each other tasting and guessing baby food. One way to make the game work better is to have 3 or 4 players go at a time and have them start at different baby food. This way they can move about, taste and easily write their answer without someone over their shoulder.

Others options:
– If you are concerned about people knowing what it is based on the color is to blindfold each guest and feed them. However, this takes a lot of time and extends the game.
– You could pass the baby food jar around the group. If you do this just ask that the don’t comment after tasting it.

e. Game Play: Hand out Guess the Baby Food game sheets, pens, and let them know that they are going to go around and taste the baby food in the jars and then write down what baby food they believe it is.

f. Once everyone has tasted and guessed the baby food, it is time to reveal what was in each jar and score the answers. Guests  trade sheets and  the hosts starts by ask who knows want number 1 was. Have guests offer opinions, then reveal what the food was and proceed to share all the answers. Score the results and give a prize to the guest who got the most correct.

Guess the Baby Food – Co-Ed Baby Shower Game Variation
In this version, instead of the guests trying to guess the baby food the new mom and dad are doing the guessing. This is a lot of fun as you can discover who knows their fruits, veggies, and flavors.

a. You’ll want 2 white boards or at least pen and paper for the players. First sit the parents to be at a table that faces the group and let them know their is going to be a competition. A food tasting competition. They will think that sounds like fun, then share it will be a baby food tasting competition!

b. Let them know that they will each be tasting a type of baby food and then after each has tasted it they will write down what they think it was that they tried, and when asked they will reveal their answer.

c. If you think the color of the baby food gives away the baby food, you can always have them wear blindfolds, dark sunglasses or close their eyes while tasting the food. That is your option.

d. Game play for this is simple. Grab a jar of baby food, feed each parent to be, have then write down their answers (no peeking) and then ask them one by one to reveal the answer. Then slip off the cover to show the baby food. A correct answer gets 1 point, incorrect 0 points.

e. You can play whoever gets the most correct wins (easy way) or play to first person to get 5 or 7 correct.

If is a lot of fun to see their facial expressions as they taste the different baby food, especially the ones that don’t taste that great.

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