Baby Shower Magazine Scavenger Hunt
Supplies: Lots of Baby magazines, list items, and players who can flip through them

The digital age has impacted this game, however there are still plenty of baby and parenting magazines out there so we decided to keep it on our site. If you have magazines this is an easy, fast paced and fun game that is played in teams.

Baby Shower Magazine Scavenger Hunt Game Prep & Play
a. First collect a variety of baby magazines for the game. These can come from the new mom or friends. The goal is to use existing magazines, rather than buy new baby magazines. We would recommend 3-5 magazine per team.

b. Now come up with a list of 30-40 baby items and/or types of baby photos.
Item Ideas: Stroller, crib, baby food, baby shampoo, diapers, etc…
Baby Photos: Crying Baby, Baby in Bathtub, Baby with Dog, Baby Sleeping, Doctor and Baby, etc…
* We recommend having so of both to keep the game interesting.

If you need ideas, just page through the baby magazine.

c. For the game you’ll need to divide your group into teams of 4-6 guests. If you have a lot of people play two rounds of three or four teams playing per round. Just be sure to have at least 3 magazines per team.

You will also need a start line, that the teams stand behind. The magazines (3-4 per team) are then placed 8 – 10 feet in front of the start line on a chair or stool. And the mommy-to-be is seated a few feet behind the chairs.

d. Inform the guests that they are going to play Baby Shower Magazine Scavenger Hunt. One player from each team will line up at the starting line. When the game host announces the scavenger item/photo “baby rattle” or “crying baby” the players quickly go to the magazines to find a picture of the scavenger item/photo in one of the parenting or baby magazines.

e. The first player to find the item. Raises their hand, the mommy-to-be says stop searching and then the new player shows the item/photo to the new mom and she confirms when the picture is a match to the scavenger item/photo. If it is a match – the team gets a point. If there is no match no points are awarded and the other teams can continue to search through their magazines.

f. Team have 30 seconds to find the items/photos in the parenting / baby magazines. If the item/photo is not found no points are awarded.

g. Recommended game play: Two rounds (so everyone goes twice) and the team with the highest score wins. If there is a tie, play a tie breaker round. The other option is to play first team to reach 5 or 7 points.

Something to Consider
As a nice touch, you might want to consider giving the New Mom a subscription to a parenting magazine as a little gift after this baby shower game has been completed. It is a nice little surprise and it ties into the Shower Game very well. And this can be helpful with dealing with a new bundle of joy and Parenthood!