Diaper Art Show Game
Supplies: Diapers, rubber bands, clips, other items will vary, room to work and display art

This creative baby shower game will challenge guests to make art out of diapers. Yes, we typed diapers. This game is simple, yet challenging, and the best part is the diapers are given to the mom after the game.

Diaper Art Show Game Prep & Play
a. Ask guests to bring a box of diapers to the shower, then the hosts can supply the rubber bands, clips and any other accessories (like paper or craft store eyes and fun stuff).

b. Then it is announced that there will be a Special Art Show today and the judge will be the Guest of Honor the new Mom. However, the artist who was scheduled to show his art had a flat tire and could not make it, luckily for us you have all unknowingly volunteered to step in and take his place.

c. Now let them know that they must grab the diapers that they brought with them and proceed to a work area located (some where in the house). At each work station you will provide the same number of rubber bands, clips and accessories to everyone. (Rather then have everyone open up their diapers, consider given each player 15 diapers, 8 rubber bands, 6 clips to each person.)

d. Now everyone is going to be a little stunned, but press forward and announce the rules of the competition.
1. You can only use the diapers you brought (or the set amount, say 15) and the supplies at your work station.
2. Each person will receive a sculpt card and when the host says go, flip over that card and begin to sculpt.
– Create Sculpt Cards prior to the game. These are the items they are trying to create and they should be different for each person. Sculpt Card examples Baby, Elephant, Flower, Pregnant Mom, Stroller
3. Artists will have 4 – 5 minutes to complete their sculpture for the judge
4. Once time is up the judge will ask what their sculpt card was and the artist will present the sculpture.
5. The Judge will review all the sculpture and select the Artist that create the best sculpture based on their sculpt card. That person is the winner.

6. If playing a few rounds, the winning Artist of each round will move into the finals. Try to have no more than 3 or 4 rounds, before the final round.

Diaper Art Show takes between 15 – 30 minutes to play.