My Water Broke – Baby Shower Game
Supplies: Small plastic babies, ice cube trays, paper towels, water and time to make ice cubes, tweezers

Looking for a messy, silly, and strange baby shower game, well My Water Broke is that game. (And it really isn’t that messy.) This baby shower game involves tiny babies frozen in ice and guests trying to melt them in order to win. lol

My Water Broke Game Prep, Rules & Play
a. You’ll need ice cube trays and small plastic babies which can be purchased online or at a party store.

b. Place one baby in each ice cube slot and then fill the ice cube tray half way with water and place in freezer to freeze. Then once the first part has started to freeze add more water. You may need to do this once or twice to get the cube filled. The reason we suggest you add water in stages is because the babies tend to float and this method helps place them in the center of the cube so the game is a little more difficult. Try to make sure the water amounts in the slot are even. Leave in the freezer until time to play My Water Broke game.

c. Confirming that the baby is free from the ice. Use clean tweezers to pick up the plastic baby and confirm that it is free from the ice cube. This is useful in the second game since the babies are in a cup.

d. Ways to play and instructions for My Water Broke 
1. Give everyone a paper towel and an ice cube and let them know that the first one to melt their ice cube enough so that the baby is free and yells “My Water Broke” wins.

Players can place the ice cubes in their hand, rub them, place them in their mouth or anything to melt them. Sorry no microwave, running under hot water, chewing the ice in their mouth or smashing of the ice with their shoe / item.

Note: This game is for adults and not children as the baby might be a choking hazard. 

2. Give everyone a plastic cup and an ice cube with a baby in it. In this version , the baby can not leave the plastic cup. This keeps guests from placing in their mouth and breaking off sections. Now they must blow, swirl and find creative ways to melt the ice. The first one to free their baby and yell “My Water Broke” wins.

My Water Broke Tips & Variations

a. Increase the difficulty, place the babies in Dixie cups instead of ice cubes. Note you don’t want to fill it all the way as it could take 40 minutes to melt it!

Tips: Mark a uniform height on the Dixie cups so you have the same amount of ice. Then mark a half way point between the bottom and the full amount you have marked. Since the plastic babies tend to float fill to the first line (half way) with water and add the baby. Let it freeze and then add then remaining water in stages. This will ensure that the baby does not float to the top of the ice.

b. General Tip – Have plenty of napkins or kitchen towels to wipe up the water on the floor. This can be a little messy.

c. Play with Teams
If you use the larger Dixie Cup to form your ice cube with the baby in it. Consider forming team to try and melt it. This creates new challenges but also strange situations as groups of ladies and guys (if they are in attendance) work together to blow, warm and melt the ice as fast as possible.

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