Measure Mommy Shower Game
Supplies: String, toilet paper or yarn & pregnant mom

As long as the mommy-to-be doesn’t people knowing how big she is, this is a classic shower game that is interesting and fun to play. Plus you don’t need a lot of supplies.

Measure Mommy Game Prep & Play
a. Take string, yarn or toilet paper and ask each guest to take off the amount that will fit around the “Mommy’s body”, however don’t state what part of the body. FYI – If you are pressed to answer the question, what part of the body name the body part as her belly or you can go into the game saying the mom’s belly. See the variations for more.

b. Once everyone has selected their toilet paper, string or yarn, you now have a choice of whether you choose the classic measure around the belly or you can change it up measure a different area of her body.

Without saying anything, measure the part of the body that will apply for the game.
Traditional and fun: Mommy’s belly
Nontraditional options: chest, calf, head, ankle, hips

c. Now measure the mom’s belly or other area of her body with a tape measure and announce the measurement.

d. With the measurement in hand, walk around and measure it against the guests string, yarn or toilet paper lengths and the person closest to the real measurement wins a prize.