Baby Bottle Guess
Supplies: Baby bottle, M&M’s or jelly beans or mints or small candies

Baby bottle guess is a simple non-active game that is popular at baby showers. This is an easy to prepare game, but just be sure to count the candy or mints before you place them in the bottle.

Baby Bottle Guess Game Prep & Play
a. Purchase bag(s) of M&M’s, mints or small candies.
b. Find the clear baby bottle you plan to use for the guess and fill with mints or candy.
c. Put all the unused mints or candy on the counter / away fro where you are. Then dump out the M&M’s / mints in the baby bottle and count them.
d. Write down the number of M&M’s / mints in a safe place and place the candy back in the baby bottle.

e. Let guests know that you are doing a Baby Bottle Guess.
f. Each guest is shown the baby bottle filled with M&M’s / mints and encourage guests to submit a guess as to how many they believe are in the baby bottle.
g. Each guess can submit one guess and must include their name and the guess amount.
FYI – Clarify that you are playing closest to the actual number.
h. When all the guests have submitted their guess, the host steps aside and reviews the guesses. Once all have been reviewed, the guest which is closest to the actual number of candies in the baby bottle wins a prize.

We have also seen this game played with safety pins, Hershey’s Kisses, and other items.