Draw the Baby Game
Supplies: Paper plates, pen or pencils, timer

Sometimes you learn of a baby shower game and you think, how did someone come up with the idea for this game. Draw the Baby is one of those game. It is a silly, fun, and remains one of the most unique baby shower games.

Draw the Baby Game Prep & Play
a. Each guest will need a white paper plate (or at least blank in the middle) and pen. Hand these out just before you play the game.

b. Once the guests have the plates have them place their initials / name on the back of the plate. This helps when the mom to be judges the drawings.

c. Now tell guests they will have 2 minutes to draw a picture of a baby on the paper plate.

d. However, it is not that easy. They must place the plate on their head (some use the forehead) while drawing their baby. They cannot stop and look at their drawing during the 2 minutes.

e. Once time is up, the Game Host gathers the Baby drawings and then randomly places them on a table for judging by the mom-to-be.

f. The Mom-to-be reviews the drawings of the babies on the paper plates and chooses her favorite one. The Game Host then looks at the back to see who’s initials or name is on it and announces the winner.