Build the Baby’s Library Activity
Supplies: Children’s Books brought by guests

Reading is fundamental and one way to get a child started on listening and reading stories. One of the best ways to ensure that they kids start enjoying books early in life is to have a great collection of books to choose from as a child. This build a library activity is simple and helps create the baby’s first group of books.

We have seen this build a library activity done at Baby Showers and First Birthday Parties.

This is really easy activity. Instead of buying a card (which can be $2-$4) ask your guests to bring a baby’s book or a children’s book that they enjoyed as a child to the event to help build the baby’s / child’s library. You can ask them to sign the book and add a sweet note to the baby or child.

Let the guests know that they don’t need to wrap the book(s). Then at the beginning of the baby shower go around the room and have each person, show the book they brought and share why they choose it.

This makes for a sweet ice-breaker and you’ll find most of the women will choose a book because of fond memories, and guys will say things like “it was pink and the animals are cute.”

Be sure to record who gave which book and properly thank them after the shower or party.