Cracked – The Baby Shower Egg Game
Supplies: Eggs – Hard boiled preferred (less mess), tape and toilet paper

This game may feel like guests are back in jr. high as they try to make sure that their egg is kept safe. However in the end, almost every egg will be cracked! We offer two options for this cracked shower game.

There are two options for this Baby Shower game
1. Is to give the eggs out at the beginning of the shower with 3 pieces of toilet tissue and tell the guests that they must take the egg with they everywhere they go during the Baby Shower and make sure they egg does not get left behind or cracks in the shell.

Then later during the Baby Shower, have those who have kept their egg safe do the egg drop to determine the winner of the game. Game details are below.

2. The other option is to play this as a 10 minute Baby Shower Game where guests are given and Egg and must find a way to protect it so it does not crack when dropped.

How to Play – Cracked Baby Shower Game
When we played, we played in rounds.

For the first round everyone was handed a hard boiled egg and 5 squares or toilet paper, if you use thin toilet paper like Scott’s then you might want to double it to 10 squares.

Then inform you guests they have 2 minutes to protect the egg with the toilet paper and one short piece of tape (1/2 inch piece is good) so it can survive a 3 foot drop without cracking.

Some guests will just wrap the egg, others might place the tissue paper where the egg lands but they only get to move on to the next round if the egg survives without a crack.

After 2 minutes are up, start randomly playing players names from a hat or bowl and have them come up to Drop Their Egg. Have a measuring stick set up on a table that clearly notes the 3 foot line and then on a Ready, Set, Drop have them drop their Egg!

After the Drop is Drop the Mom-to-Be inspects the Egg for cracks and gives a Thumbs Up – the egg is return to them and the guest moves on to the next round or a Thumbs Down and the egg is returned and they are out of the game.

Round 2
If almost all the guests survived round 1, then reduce the number of tissue squares from 5 to 3 in Round 2. However if you lost 1/3 of the group, reduce the toilet paper square by 1, from 5 to 4. Since allow 1 piece of short tape.

Now give guests another 2 minutes to prep their eggs and then begin the Egg Dropping and Judging by the Mom-to-Be. Thumbs Up – move on and Thumbs Down are out.

Round 3
Eliminate another toilet paper square and continue the same process.
If only one Egg survives this round then that person is the Winner, if however you have several contestants still in the game remove another square and continue with Round 4.

If however you are down to 1 square and have several contestants playing, continue using 1 square but raise the drop height by 6 inches each round until you have a Winner.
Thanks, Lauren