Find Out About – Baby / Bridal Shower Game
Supplies: List of questions, paper and pens, guests willing to socialize

This is a good ice breaker game to start a baby shower or bridal shower so that people can get to know each other a little better.

Find Out About Prep & Play
You’ll need to create a sheet with 10 – 15 statements / actions that guest must find the somebody at the baby / bridal shower that shares what the sentence says and once they do, they write in that persons name.

For instance you can write things such as:
– Find somebody who wears your same shoe size Name ______
– Find somebody who knew the bride in Middle School or High School: ______
– Find someone who knew the bride in college: ______
– Find someone who likes sushi, Has been to Europe, Plays on a sports team etc…

You can be as creative as you want to be, but adjust it to your group! This one is a guaranteed success to make people feel comfortable with each other.

Finish up your sheet and then before the shower print out one game sheet for each guest.

Play the Find Out About game at the start of the baby / bridal shower. Each guest receives a game sheet and a pen/pencil and are told that they must mingle with the guests to get the answers to the questions.  FYI –  Players cannot list themselves as the answer!

The winner is the first person to finish or if you give a time limit whoever gets the most names, and you can give them a Prize / Favor. To make it more fun, read the sentence and the answers to the group and have all shower attendees who that statement apply to can raise their hand, so all can enjoy.